MSNBC regular makes bizarre legal argument that Biden could order preemptive strike on Mar-a-Lago

An MSNBC regular suggested that President Joe Biden could dial up a “preemptive strike” on Mar-a-Lago as a bizarre legal argument about presidential immunity.

The entire lawfare operation to remove Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump from the political equation hinges on the J6 case brought by the Biden Justice Department which is currently stalled while the issue of immunity is sorted out and the regime’s flunkies are in a state of panic.

On a recent edition of “All In With Chris Hayes” the host discussed Trump’s argument that a president must enjoy full immunity in carrying out his duties with underhanded former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann aka “Mueller’s pitbull” and network fixture Elie Mystal, justice correspondent for the far-left outlet The Nation.

(Video: MSNBC)

During the segment, the easily excitable left-wing legal pundit suggested that if the concept of full immunity exists, nothing could theoretically stop Biden from ordering a strike on Trump’s South Florida home, another of the left’s violent fantasies about the former president.

“The thing that Trump and his lawyers forget I think is that they ain’t president yet,” the wild-haired racial bomb-thrower exclaimed.

“So if the Supreme Court says that the presidents have this, you know, complete immunity from prosecution and whatever, what’s to stop, oh, I don’t know, the actual president Joe Biden from launching a preemptive strike on a rebel stronghold at Mar-a-Lago to engineer regime change? What’s to stop Biden from doing that, right?” Mystal asked.

He was referring to an obvious “trap” hypothetical question to Trump’s legal team from a Biden-appointed federal judge on whether immunity would apply if the former president would dispatch the elite military unit that took out Osama bin Laden to do likewise to his political rivals.

“Like I don’t think Trump has thought this through. Perhaps it’s like on the next page of his bedside copy of Mein Kampf and he hasn’t gotten to where the logic of his argument goes,” he added, conjuring up an old hoax story for the obligatory Hitler reference.

“For the record, as Andrew was saying, I do not think that Biden has the power to launch a strike against his political rival, right?” Mystal added. “I think it would violate Posse Comitatus, and you know, murder laws… and so I think that Biden, if he did that would be prosecuted. ”

“Trump doesn’t seem to understand — and the people who support Trump don’t seem to understand — that the powers he calls onto himself must be given to every single other president. But I think John Roberts will understand that,” he said, seeming to suggest that the Supreme Court’s chief justice is in the bag for the regime and will eventually rule against Trump.

Chris Donaldson


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