Whoopi blames censorship of COVID lab leak theory on Trump for racism against ‘Asian folks’

Leftist media figures in the propaganda industrial complex are being forced to admit that they got it wrong when they demonized those who suggested that COVID may have leaked from a Chinese bio lab instead of coming from a bat at a wet market, and the unhinged harpies at “The View” begrudgingly acknowledged that the rude dismissal of the theory was really rooted in politics.

On Wednesday’s edition of the popular daytime ABC gabfest, co-host Whoopi Goldberg agreed with fellow liberal celeb Jon Stewart that politics took priority over truthfulness when it came to the pandemic as their COVID narrative continues to crumble, with the latest blow being a Wall Street Journal bombshell that cited a classified intelligence report that the virus probably came from a leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

But once again, it was all about former President Donald J. Trump whose suggestion that the virus came from a Chinese lab as well as his accurately tabbing the disease as the “Chinese virus” drew widespread condemnation from Democrats, their media stooges and other left-wing trolls accusing him of spreading racist conspiracy theories. And with racism being the coin of the realm among the ladies at the table, it was inevitable that they would excuse their rush to judgment on the Wuhan leakage by throwing down the race card.

“No, he’s right that politics got in the way of a lot of looking for the truth. But they still are not saying definitively and that’s a problem. They still don’t know for sure,” Goldberg said of Stewart while clinging to the idea that the virus didn’t come from a lab, as a last-ditch effort to spin away the devastating WSJ report on the conclusions of the U.S. Energy Department that dealt a major blow to the credibility of the media.

(Video: The Daily Mail)

“You know, who knows where it came from? Maybe it did. Maybe it didn’t,” she said.

“But I know when the last guy before Biden said anything about this, he made it about Asian people,” she continued.

“And I’m sure Jon Stewart didn’t realize that’s what was happening because I’m sure he didn’t know what was going on all over the country with Asian folks getting smacked and hit and people saying stuff to them about bringing the disease here. I mean, this was — this was what was happening,” Goldberg added, not bothering to inform her audience that “Asian folks” have been disproportionately attacked by black thugs in recent years.

“And if you-know-who had not started it with that, had he not made it about that, had he said, ‘Listen, this might have come out of a lab’ and not gone on and described it in ways I’m not going to reiterate for you, it probably would have been listened to a lot differently,” Goldberg said.

Her remarks came after house racist Sunny Hostin falsely claimed that “Trump unleashed this xenophobia, he stopped allowing Chinese people to come to the country. He then started calling it the…,” she said. “He called it something. He kept saying China, China, and doing this thing where I was even concerned as someone who had lost family members for Manny to even bring it up. And that is really sad. Because when you can’t trust the transparency of your government, where are you?”


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