Whoopi defends Omar, questions whether Hamas, Taliban are terrorists: ‘Depends on who you talk to’

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg of “The View” appeared to defend radical Democrat and noted antisemite Ilhan Omar Tuesday and outrageously asserted that it “depends on who you talk to” when it comes to Hamas and the Taliban being “terrorist communities.”

(Video Credit: The View)

Co-host Sunny Hostin recounted that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had previously “pulled” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) aside and rebuked and forced her to apologize for a 2019 tweet that echoed antisemitic tropes.

“What I was disappointed with was sort of the tropes, he constantly attacks Ilhan Omar,” Hostin said, referring to Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) “And yes, she made that comment, the all about the Benjamins comment, and then Nancy Pelosi pulled her, you know, coat tail and said, ‘Let me tell you something, that’s something that you’re going to apologize for,’ and she did apologize.”

Going further to defend Omar, Hostin claimed that she had not made comments like that since she was reprimanded which is not true. After apologizing for the first tweet, Omar proceeded to promote another antisemitic smear about dual loyalty.

Hostin went on to say that Omar is more popular in her district than McCarthy is in his, which is also highly debatable.

Co-host Sara Haines pointed out that Omar called out “the US, Israel, Hamas, and the Taliban as all terrorist organizations” in 2021.

“She has maybe way more knowledge and experience in the very complicated Middle Eastern relations, but I did find, that being on a foreign committee and comparing the country to a terrorist, known terrorists, those are organized terrorist communities, not Israel, but Hamas and the Taliban …” Haines continued before being interrupted.

“Depends on who you talk to,” Whoopi Goldberg interjected.

Haines went on to say that both Hamas and the Taliban are recognized terrorist organizations.

Co-host Joy Behar also contended that the groups were recognized in “this country” as terrorist organizations.

Hostin went on to argue that while talking about the Middle East, they need to have “experts” and a person from Palestine as well as someone who is Muslim involved in these discussions, ostensibly to make it fair and get the other side’s viewpoint.

“There have been votes she’s voted on some of that plays into, there were actually in Syria and the Armenians that were killed, it was a genocide, she voted present which is essentially voting no and so she talks a lot about the people being massacred, but then there’s been two votes where she wasn’t voting in a way that I would want someone on that committee to vote,” Haines commented.

The hosts of The View gave their two cents worth on Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s statement that he wanted to remove Omar from committee assignments over “anti-Semitism” if he becomes speaker of the House.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin then stated that Omar should not serve on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

At that point, Hostin pivoted, claiming that Omar had a different understanding of geopolitics.

“From the moment I was elected, the Republican Party has made it their mission to use fear, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and racism to target me on the House floor and through millions of dollars of campaign ads,” Omar responded to McCarthy’s vow, according to Fox News. “McCarthy’s effort to repeatedly single me out for scorn and hatred — including threatening to strip me from my committee — does nothing to address the issues our constituents deal with. It does nothing to address inflation, healthcare, or solve the climate crisis.”

Hamas is a US-designated terrorist group and is backed by Iran. The terrorist organization has a deep and abiding hatred for Israel and Jews.

International terrorism is defined by the FBI as “Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups who are inspired by, or associated with, designated foreign terrorist organizations or nations (state-sponsored).”

Currently, the Taliban, which is now in control of Afghanistan thanks to President Biden’s catastrophic withdrawal, is not a designated terrorist group. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t one. Many would contend that its brutal violence, vicious treatment of women, and its radical Islamist doctrine are the very definition of terrorism.

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