Ex-White House COVID adviser, Dr. Scott Atlas takes sharp jab at Fauci’s legacy after fiasco of a farewell

Dr. Scott Altas sat down with Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Tuesday and tore into Dr. Anthony Fauci’s posturing during his retirement press conference at the White House, asserting that he presided over the biggest public health failure during two presidential administrations.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“Just when you thought it was safe to return to pre-pandemic normality, the doomsday groundhog himself popped out of his little hole to report there will be at least six more weeks of COVID,” Ingraham quipped before introducing Fauci’s nemesis, Dr. Scott Atlas.

Ingraham and Atlas went on to discuss the salient point that the vast majority of those contracting COVID have comorbidities and are high-risk. They also posited that COVID vaccines don’t stop you from getting the virus.

“It is very fitting to hear this constant mantra of almost nonsensical utterings by Dr. Fauci. You know, we know by now the data shows the vaccines, although they have pretty good protections for high-risk people and the elderly against death, they do not stop the spread of infection, they don’t stop you from getting COVID infection. And the risk-benefit ratio for people other than high-risk is very different,” Atlas contended.

“You have to decide if it is appropriate to take an experimental drug if you have low risk of serious illness, particularly children. In fact, anyone who recommends that children, healthy children should get the vaccine, an experimental drug, injected into them, there’s a question about medical ethics there. Are we as a society going to go down the pathway of even if you believe that it stops the spread of infection, which would be contrary to science, are we going to use our children as shields for infections? This is really uncharted territory for what’s supposed to be a civilized society,” he continued.

(Video Credit: The Guardian)

Atlas proceeded to eviscerate Fauci as incompetent and a charlatan.

“It’s frightening to have people in power that don’t know what they’re talking about that use fear to sway the public instead of data. You don’t often hear it, you may never have heard Dr. Fauci use data. And this is very frightening. Two-thirds of people in the United States who died from COVID, two-thirds have greater than or equal to six comorbidities,” he pointed out.

“Healthy people do not have a significant risk to a serious illness from COVID, that’s a fact, not an opinion. It’s been proven the world over,” the doctor declared.

Dr. Atlas went on to elaborate on just how much damage Fauci is responsible for and seriously brought into question his so-called ethics.

“I think we should talk about Dr. Fauci’s legacy if I have a minute because he has a very important legacy. Number one, he presided over the biggest failure in public health history over two different presidential administrations,” Atlas charged.

“Number two, his policies were implemented and those policies shifted the burden of this illness from the affluent to the poor and incurred massive harm on our children, psychological damage, long-lasting damage, an obesity crisis, and we really haven’t seen the tip of the iceberg on that damage to children, and again, worse on low income and poor kids,” he charged.

“And thirdly and perhaps most importantly, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, his underling, and many other people at the CDC and talking heads on TV have destroyed trust in public health. We have a huge challenge as a country to fix what happened in his wake,” Atlas concluded.

Many don’t see Dr. Fauci as a rock star the way leftists and propagandists do. Instead, he is seen as leaving devastation in his wake.

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