Whoops! Whoopi’s 1993 anti-Semitic recipe for charity cookbook resurfaces

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“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg, already under fire for anti-Semitic remarks she made on national television, now faces even more backlash over reports that her anti-Semitism is part of a pattern going back decades.

Flash back to 1993, when Goldberg — then a movie star — submitted a recipe for “Cooking in The Litchfield Hills,” a celebrity cookbook reportedly compiled and then sold to raise money for charity. Except there was nothing charitable about her submission.

According to the Daily Mail, which has “obtained a copy of the long-forgotten cookbook,” the name of the recipe that Goldberg submitted was … “Jewish American Princess Fried Chicken.” The instructions are reportedly even more anti-Semitic.

“Send chauffeur to your favorite butcher shop for the chicken (save the brown paper bag). Have your cook 1) Melt equal parts oil and butter 3/4 deep in skillet over moderate heat. 2) Put flour, seasoned with remaining ingredients, into brown paper bag. 3) Rinse chicken parts and place in bag. Then you tightly close top of bag (watch your nails) and shake 10 times,” the instructions read.

“Hand bag to Cook, go dress for dinner. While you dress, have Cook preheat oven to 350 degrees and brown chicken slowly in skillet. When evenly browned, have Cook place chicken in dish in oven. Have Cook prepare rest of meal while you touch up your makeup. In about half an hour, voila! Dinner is served! You must be exhausted,” they continue.

The implication appears to be that Jewish women are rich, spoiled, lazy floozies.

Below is a screenshot of the stunning recipe:

(Source: Daily Mail)

At the time of the book’s publication, Goldberg’s recipe provoked outrage from the most powerful Jewish civil rights organization in the U.S., the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Then-ADL national director Abraham Foxman said the recipe was “not funny — it’s insulting,” as reported by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

“It’s a lousy recipe with insensitive and anti-Semitic ingredients. Whoopi should know better. She needs some sensitivity training, unfortunately. The good people who published it need some sensitivity training too,” he added.

But it gets worse.

Her then-publicist, Brad Cararelli, excused her actions by saying that “maybe [his client’s critics] are not aware that Whoopi is Jewish, so she is certainly not anti-Semitic.”

Goldberg most certainly is NOT Jewish and never has been — much to the surprise of many people — though she’s tried to claim otherwise for decades.

“The best information available online comes from the mid-2000s when a DNA test determined that Goldberg’s heritage was 92% African and 8% European with seemingly no specific indication of Jewish ancestry,” according to the national lifestyle magazine Tango.

“With all of that being said, Goldberg has insisted, without evidence, that her last name is part of her heritage and that she feels a connection with Israel,” the magazine further notes.

In reality, Goldberg isn’t even her real name. The actress and TV star was born Caryn Elaine Johnson but changed her name as she entered the acting world to help boost her public profile.

The “Whoopi” came from the fact that her friends used to compare her to a whoopee cushion. But the “Goldberg” came from what critics now say was shameless “appropriation” of Jewish culture.

“[I]t suggests she chose to adopt a Jewish identity in order to benefit from privileges she believed would come with a Jewish name and identity, without being aware those privileges were actually just stereotypes, and without doing any research on what it truly means to be part of the Jewish people,” Tango points out.

Goldberg has for her part claimed that her last name is part of her “heritage”: “My mother did not name me Whoopi, but Goldberg is my name, it’s part of my family, part of my heritage. Just like being black,” she told The Jewish Chronicle in 2016.”

But according to Tango, rumors have long persisted — in part because of the Hollywood star’s streak of anti-Semitism — that her mother had “suggested she use Goldberg for a last name because Johnson was ‘not Jewish enough’ for her to become famous.”

Dovetailing back to her history of anti-Semitism, it also includes her releasing a holiday sweater “that featured an Octopus on the front holding a Menorah,” according to the Daily Mail.

Speaking with the British outlet, some anonymous TV industry insiders said it’s time for the actress to be held accountable for this “clear pattern of anti-Semitism.”

“It wasn’t a one-off. Hard to see how ABC News tolerates this and claims they are changing their wretched culture with a straight face,” one insider said.

“Just when you thought Whoopi should send Jeff Zucker a fruit basket, another ABC grenade hits,” another added.

Meanwhile, prominent Israeli actress Noa Tishby told the Daily Mail that she believes Goldberg’s anti-Semitism has been intentional from day one.

“The term Jewish American Princess or JAP was created as a microaggression to bash and suppress Jewish upward mobility. That’s what it was used for: to mock Jewish women for their families’ success. In the world we live in today in which every minority can scream and complain about microaggressions, we need to be extra careful and acknowledge Jewish microaggressions, which exist everywhere,” she said.

“JAP is a term that needs to go away and never return. I hope Whoopi has not used it since the 90s and I sure hope that this is a matter of [having] a bad sense of humor, that is outdated, and not taken alongside her recent horrific remarks to indicate her belief system,” she added.

She also slammed the double standards.

“If it was someone else appropriating another culture, we would call it out immediately but Jews don’t seem to count as much – that is what we are seeing here. It’s absurd and it’s a double standard,” she said.

In more ways than just one.

Vivek Saxena


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