‘Who’s stuck in failing neighborhood schools?’ Condoleezza Rice says school choice is a racial issue

A fiery take on school choice had former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice blasting elitist hypocrites who dare to say they’re for civil rights.

“So who’s stuck in failing neighborhood schools?”

(Video: Reagan Foundation)

Whether jet-setting in the name of climate change or calling for open borders and sanctuary hundreds of miles from the crisis, leftists have readily demonstrated a distancing from the positions they espouse. This included the matter of school choice over which Rice, now the director of the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, went full blast on during a fireside chat.

Joining Fredrick Ryan, chair of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institution in Simi Valley, California on June 6 for a discussion on the 80th anniversary of D-Day, Rice fielded questions from the audience that included a final query on issues not getting the attention they deserve.

“So are you for school choice or not?” posited the State Department head from former President George W. Bush’s administration, referring to the question as a “personal one.”

As to why she wanted to ask the question, Rice explained, “We already have a choice system in education. If you are of means, you will move to a district where the schools are good and the houses are expensive, like Palo Alto, California.”

The secretary went on, “If you’re really wealthy, you will send your kids to private school. So who’s stuck in failing neighborhood schools? Poor kids. A lot of them minority kids.”

“So, how can you say you’re for civil rights, how can you say you’re for the poor when you’re condemning those children to not being able to read? By the time they’re in third grade, they’re never going to read,” she went on before driving home her point on the swamp creatures in the nation’s capital. “So, if you want to say that school choice and vouchers and charter schools are destroying the public schools, fine, you write that editorial in The Washington Post. But then don’t send your kids to Sidwell Friends.”

The Washington, D.C. K-12 school has boasted among its alumni relatives of each of the most recent Democrat presidents as Bill Clinton’s daughter Chelsea, Barack Obama’s daughters Sasha and Malia as well as one of Joe Biden’s granddaughters.

Reacting to Rice blasting elites, former Levi’s executive turned activist Jennifer Sey turned to X to add, “Every rich person in San Francisco, Brooklyn, Silverlake. Anti school choice. Sending their kid to 60k/yr private school. The hypocrisy is staggering.”

Her husband, Daniel Kotzin, tacked onto the argument with a reminder about hypocrisy under draconian COVID policies as he expressed, “Reminds me of how San Francisco’s private schools were open for a full year while the public schools were still shut down during covid.”

While nearly a dozen states had passed universal school choice measures, efforts to have dollars follow students remained pending in numerous state legislatures in the wake of COVID that, through remote learning, had also aided in exposing some of the most egregious forms of indoctrination being perpetrated in various school systems.

Others added on in support, not only of Rice but of “the civil rights issue of our time!”

Kevin Haggerty


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