Woke scolds at USA Today take aim at people using ‘culturally sensitive words out of context’

Greeting your friends and family with a loving “Aloha” or “Hola” may not be as innocent as you think, says USA Today.

The outlet published a piece titled “Is it time to stop saying ‘aloha’ and other culturally sensitive words out of context?” In the article, the author suggests using greetings that originated outside of the user’s culture may be considered a “mockery” of the culture because the user is not aware of the full contextual meaning of the phrase. For example, “Aloha” – which appears to become the greeting the author uses to make his point – means much more than a simple “hello” or “goodbye.”

But did you know that “aloha” doesn’t just mean hello or goodbye? “It’s a greeting or a farewell, but the meaning is deeper,” says Maile Arvin, the director of Pacific Islands Studies at the University of Utah. “One of my Hawaiian language teachers taught it to me as ‘Aloha means recognizing yourself in everyone and everything you meet.'”

If you’re not Hawaiian and you say it, it could come off as mockery. And that’s just one word to think about.


The next line claims that in order to use “certain words,” the user must have “education, knowledge and the foresight to understand when they should – or shouldn’t – come out of your mouth.”

“Intention matters most,” the article continues, explaining when the author believes it is okay to use the words he just said that it’s not ‘always appropriate’ to use.

“Dropping ‘hola’ or ‘shalom’ to someone you know who speaks Spanish or Hebrew, for example, isn’t something to worry about,” he assures readers. “Actively don a fake, exaggerated accent and say those words? Therein lies the problem.”

But the piece wouldn’t be complete without throwing in a leftist buzzword or two to make people think twice.

“Like saying ‘ni hao’ to someone Asian American who isn’t Chinese; this could be both othering and a microaggression,” the author states.

Twitter wasn’t thrilled by USA Today’s attempt to gatekeep greetings:

Sierra Marlee


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