Woman watching Taylor Swift with granddaughter shoots intruder, but what hero does next is stunning

A New Mexico intruder with five previous felony charges is shaking off a gunshot wound after he burst through a grandmother’s door as she was watching the Taylor Swift Eras Tour movie with her four-year-old granddaughter.

Anissa Tinnin, 45, was having an “extra special” evening with her granddaughter when 34-year-old Joseph Rivera broke into her Albuquerque home in an attempt to hide from police.

“A longtime convicted felon who was running from the police, broke into our home,” Tinnin wrote on Facebook. “For 2 minutes, I negotiated with him to give him what he wanted and begged for the life of mine and my granddaughter.”

“I jumped over this couch and we met there by the front door…That’s when he grabbed me and was upset and said to give him my keys. He said he didn’t want to go to jail,” Tinnin later told KRQE. “He did threaten to hurt my granddaughter and me.”

“He left with the several keys as well as fob’s to my car, but when they didn’t work, he returned,” she explained on Facebook.

“When I got him outside the first time, I knew I needed to get my granddaughter and dog to a safe location and get my firearm,” she continued.

Tinnin called 911. She can be heard trying to soothe her frightened granddaughter on the released call.

“I need you to be really brave right now,” she said. “I got to go. Stay right here in the bedroom … It’s okay baby.”

“As I exited our bedroom to go down the hallway, he broke into the home again by busting in our locked front door and came at me,” Tinnin wrote on Facebook. “I yelled for him to stop but he didn’t. I shot him.”

“Get back. Get back. I have a gun,” Tinnin told Rivera. “Get back. Get back.”

“I will f***ing shoot you,” she warned before opening fire.

“Why did you shoot me?” Rivera can be heard asking.

“Because you’re in my f***ing house!” the fearless grandma shouted back.

Incredibly, she then offered to put pressure on his wound and give him water.

“I will give you water but if you f***ing hurt me, I’m going to shoot you again,” she warned.

“Police say Rivera was spotted in a stolen car last month around 9:30 p.m. near Candelaria and Rio Grande,” KRQE reports. “Spike strips caused him to crash but he took off on foot down Candelaria and hopped a fence into Tinnin’s yard. The family’s Ring camera caught his every move and he can be seen walking into the home.”

“Rivera was charged with burglary, attempting to commit a felony and auto theft — on top of five previous felony convictions for previous burglaries and auto thefts,” according to the New York Post. “He had been wanted for a prior charge at the time of the latest arrest, which he failed to appear in court for when a judge released him on bail.”

“This city is a mess. Criminals are ruining innocent people’s lives everyday,” Tinnin wrote on Facebook. “I’m sick of keeping quiet about the disaster this city’s leadership has created. Please pray for our family as we navigate through this traumatic and emotional time.”

Melissa Fine


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