WSJ warns Liz Cheney’s ‘revenge tour’ could derail Trump’s 2024 presidential chances after all

As conservatives continue to celebrate Wyoming’s rebuke of RINO Liz Cheney on Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal warns that the rejected Representative’s “revenge” could split the GOP and damage Donald Trump’s chance to regain the White House in 2024.

In a piece by The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board that attempts to paint Cheney as a person whose opinion actually matters to conservatives, the board argues that the woman who has helped lead the House’s less-than-genuine “investigation” into the events of January 6, 2021, lost “because she bravely stood up to the stolen-election falsehoods of Donald Trump” and because “she alienated too many Republicans by making common cause with Democrats like Rep. Adam Schiff.”

But mostly, they argue, she lost because Trump “targeted Ms. Cheney for defeat as he did the other nine Republicans who voted to impeach him after his disgraceful behavior on Jan. 6, 2021.”

“He now has his revenge, as eight of them have lost or retired from Congress, but Republicans shouldn’t be so pleased,” the editors state.

According to the board, Cheney actually represents a sizeable share of Republicans, though they offer no reason for readers to believe them. Indeed, the entire op-ed reads like a lot of wishful thinking and ignores the possibility that Wyoming voters might just represent the majority of Republicans who, like their Cowboy State counterparts, simply and with great certitude want Liz Cheney to go away.

“Ms. Cheney is a conservative by any measure and she has the courage of her convictions,” WSJ writes. “A party that can’t tolerate Ms. Cheney and others for voting their consciences after the ransacking of the Capitol by a Trump-inspired mob is narrowing its political and moral appeal. She represents a not inconsiderable number of GOP voters who can’t abide Mr. Trump.”

“Yet we don’t believe most of the Republicans who voted for Ms. Cheney’s opponent were dismissing the riot as a mere political protest or cheering on Mr. Trump,” the editors continue. “They were rejecting the strategy of the Democrats and the media to tar the entire GOP as rioters and fanatics.”

Clearly, someone forgot to Libsplain that to the Republicans on Twitter, who seem pretty sure Cheney is out because she really is that reviled.

“Do they not know everyone is sick of this hateful women,” asked one user. “Good riddance to her!”

“It will divide the GOP alright, and the division will be around 90-10,” wrote another. “She’s done.”

Tone-deaf to the end, the Wall Street Journal editors envision a future in which Cheney pulls a Ross Perot and hands Democrats a victory in 2024.

“If Mr. Trump is the GOP nominee, Ms. Cheney could attempt a third-party run, though she says she won’t change parties. Third parties haven’t won since Lincoln and the GOP in 1860, but Ross Perot arguably cost George H.W. Bush the White House in 1992,” the board eagerly writes.

Whether drunk on their own fantasies or in deep denial over Cheney’s power over Republican voters, the Wall Street Journal editors — in the same sentence — state that, while Trump enjoys the support of “tens of millions” of voters, the majority find him “toxic.” And, without a hint of irony, they point to Trump’s loss in the still-contested 2020 election as proof of their assertion.

“All of this points to the problem Republicans continue to have as long as Mr. Trump is the dominant party figure. He is toxic to a majority of voters even as he retains the fervent support of tens of millions,” they write. “That voter divide cost him re-election in 2020, as enough Republicans in key states voted GOP for Congress but Joe Biden for President. That evidence is clear in the county and Congressional district returns.”

And this, argue the astute editors, is precisely why Democrats are focusing so heavily on Trump in 2022.

“Democrats may hate Mr. Trump but they also believe he will help them retain power despite their manifest policy and governance failures,” the editorial board states. “Liz Cheney lost in Wyoming, but her revenge may be a divided GOP that loses again in 2024.”

It would be a heck of an argument if only the editors hadn’t forgotten one little fact.

“If you are a Republican and just lost a primary election in one the reddest states in the union by 37%,” noted one Twitter user, “you probably aren’t much of a threat.”


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