‘WTF Seaworld’: Female team member’s failure to corral seal pup sparks talk about women doing men’s jobs

A video making the rounds this week of a failed attempt by a SeaWorld Rescue team member to corral a seal pup on a cliff has prompted discussion that many on the left will deem sexist.

It’s not clear when or where the incident occurred, but it appears to be in Southern California. A female team member is seen trying to grab a seal pup and steer it into a large net being held by a male colleague. The young woman makes a gallant attempt, but she is clearly not strong enough for the task at hand.

The seal pup manages to wiggle free but falls off the cliff during the struggle. The woman is crestfallen and audibly expresses her frustration over the unfortunate turn of events as the male employee tries to comfort her. Again, it’s not clear if the animal was injured in the fall or was able to make it to the water below.

SeaWorld has long been committed to “rescuing” animals in need, with sea lions at the top of the list.

“For over 50 years, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, and Discovery Cove have maintained a quiet commitment to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals in need – be they ill, injured, orphaned, or otherwise requiring care,” the company’s website states. “What has become an extraordinary commitment did not start as a grand idea. Quite the contrary. It began with a single animal in need of help.”

“SeaWorld has rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of California sea lions, northern elephant seal pups, and harbor seals. Less frequently, SeaWorld has treated Guadalupe fur seals, northern fur seals, ringed seals, orphaned Pacific walrus calves, and a hooded seal,” the company added. “First-year pups account for most seal and sea lion strandings: about 80% of rescued pinnipeds are less than a year old. When a seal or sea lion mother weans her pup, she leaves the pups to fend for itself. Pups unsuccessful at foraging on their own cannot survive this weaning process, and mortality for wild seals and sea lions may be as high as 20% to 50% in the first year.”

As for argument over the woman being miscast, it’s a familiar argument often heard when talking about women in combat and in law enforcement. The hard truth is, men are physiologically stronger and have greater endurance than women, though feminists will argue against that all day long.

Tom Tillison


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