Man trolls city council over transgenders in sports and even those he’s mocking can’t help but laugh

A man masterfully trolled the Irving City Council in a video making the rounds, and several council members couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yo, Irving City Council. How are you doing? My name is Tony and I’m a professional sports gambler,” the man began. “But unfortunately, my career is at a standstill because I got six baby mamas all in the DFW metroplex. So I can’t live in a state that’s got legal gambling, in a sense it would be March madness.”

“I’m coming up here to beg y’all to make sports gambling legal in the city so I can stack my paper and pay for the illegit– illegitimate children,” he added. “I know some people think sports betting is risky, but I got an unbeaten system that can put money in all y’all pockets. Seriously. My system is easy. I bet on the blackest and darkest teams in college sports because the blacker the berry sweeter the juice and better the jump shot.”

At this point, the man had everyone’s attention because no one knew where he was going to go next. Brilliantly, he used the ridiculousness of left-wing politics as he ventured on to make his case.

“I also got a sports betting angle that’s foolproof since y’all want to let these all these transgenders up in the league,” he said. “I became almost a millionaire betting on Leah Thomas’s big ass winning all them swimming meets. And just like these transgender swimmers, my swimmers are strong. That’s why I got so many baby mamas.”

Council members are rolling by now, as the man continued, “But you know what that means? I got a lot of bills to pay. So I’m sick of risking my life and my freedom on gambling illegally on transgender athletes. So I beg you, Irving City Council, to please legalize sports gambling because I can’t afford to be up in the penitentiary doing 5 to 10 years on some weak-ass gambling charge. ”

Next, he playfully butchers the word “reparations” as he informs the council that they owe him big time.

“I also would like to like it if y’all could give me some rep…, rep…, reputations because Irving is hella white and I’m hella black. My great-grandfather was a slave in Mississippi. So y’all owe me for real,” he said.

Reminded that he has one minute left in his allotted speaking time, the man recaps.

“I’ll say one more time you white city council people need to legitimize gambling and start putting y’all’s money on these transgender swimmers because they got propellers in their back-friendly swimsuits and remember to always bet on black,” he concluded.

“I always want to shout out to my homie Demarcus Calloway who is locked up for murder, but he didn’t do anything wrong but stab a police officer which is according to the BLM movement is ok,” he concluded. “It’s time to get paid bitches, legalize it and free my homie Demarcus.”

Social media users were highly impressed with the “Iron Mike Tyson level trolling.”

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from X:

Tom Tillison


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