‘You are next!’ Man whose brother was kidnapped by Hamas warns US and Europe

Anguished Israeli hostage family members spoke at a press conference on Tuesday, with one man warning Americans and Europeans that they are next on Hamas’ terror list.

(Video Credit: MSNBC)

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) held the heart-wrenching press conference so the family members could tell their stories of the atrocities that Hamas committed on Oct. 7 when the terrorists slaughtered 1,400 people and kidnapped over 200 more. It marked 30 days since the siege by Hamas in Israel and the beginning of the war.

It was a harrowing display of just some of the personal anguish that persists 30 days after that horrific attack by Hamas in Israel,” NBC News’s Sahil Kapur noted concerning the press conference.

“We heard from family members of multiple hostages standing with Hamas leaders, fighting back tears as they told their stories and pleaded with the US government for help. Let’s hear from two of them. One of them was a mother. You see her on the screen there, Doris Liber, whose son Guy was kidnapped. She said every day feels like an eternity to her. Another Yonatan Lulu-Shamariz, whose brother Alon was kidnapped and taken. Let’s hear what they had to say,” Kapur stated and then tuned into the family members.

Liber had pictures of her son and his best friend who were both taken by Hamas.

“This is Guy, okay? His best friend is a hostage, too. This is Almog,” she said showing the photos of both of them.

But it was the words of Lulu-Shamariz that sent a collective shiver of dread down the spines of those watching.

And this is a wake-up call not only for Israel, not only for the Jewish community. This is a wake-up call for all. All of you here. All of America. All of Europe. You are next. You are next!” he proclaimed. “And we should do everything we can to stop these atrocities.”

Then came the political posturing by MSNBC.

“Now, the Israeli government has indicated that there can be no ceasefire while those 240 hostages continue to be held by Hamas. And here on Capitol Hill, there continues to be a debate. Congress is still grappling over how to approve President Biden’s request of $14.3 billion in aid to Israel,” Kapur reported.

“The House last week passed mostly along party lines that aid paired with IRS cuts that Democrats consider a poison pill. The Senate is eyeing a larger national security package that includes foreign aid that’s still being developed. Still unclear where that goes is as we speak, as all of this happens, Chris, the fate of US aid to Israel remains up in the air,” the NBC reporter noted appearing to intimate that the holdup for the aid is the fault of Republicans.

MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing discussed with foreign correspondent Raf Sanchez in Tel Aviv how Israel was viewing the 30-day mark of its war with Hamas.

“And Chris, one of the things we’ve heard speaking to the families of the hostages over the last month is just these mixed emotions when it comes to knowing what’s going on inside Gaza because there have been a small number of hostage videos, people speaking, we assume, under duress from Hamas,” Sanchez answered.

“In one case, there’s a woman criticizing Prime Minister Netanyahu. In another case, there was a young woman who we saw being treated for injuries she sustained. And the families of people who have had a glimpse of their loved ones in hostage in captivity will tell you that on the one hand, it is just pure agony to see the people they love most in the world being held under these conditions. And at the same time, there is just waves and waves of relief to know that they are alive, to know that at least from the outside, they appear to be largely and physically in good shape,” he said spinning the situation and not going into detail concerning the brutally horrific murders of Israelis by Hamas.

“And the families who have yet to hear anything are the ones in the deepest, deepest agony because they just don’t know. These hostages have a range of medical conditions. There is one young man who was taken from the music festival and the last image his parents saw of him, they saw that one of his arms had been blown off by a Hamas grenade. And they have no idea whether he’s alive, whether he’s dead, how he’s doing. So it has just been unimaginable for these families,” Sanchez concluded.

The left and most of the media are running with the narrative that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is at fault, glossing over the unprovoked invasion by Islamic terrorists who murdered, raped, and kidnapped Israelis on Oct. 7. Israel and the United States have been working to secure the release of hostages but their fate does not look good as they are effectively being held as human shields by Hamas.

While leftists are calling for a cease-fire, Israel continues to ferret out and execute the terrorists. Netanyahu considers it a matter of survival for Israel as a whole.


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