‘You can’t make this up!’ Biden’s speech HOURS after Hunter’s gun conviction sends heads to desks

The timing couldn’t be worse – or perfect, depending on one’s perspective.

Hours after Hunter Biden was found guilty on federal charges after lying on a background check while purchasing a gun, his father was scheduled to speak at a gun safety event.

President Joe Biden was already scheduled to speak Tuesday on gun safety and what his administration has been doing to reduce gun violence at Everytown’s Gun Sense University, an annual conference that, unfortunately for Biden, coincided with the guilty verdict for his son.

“The Biden-Harris 2024 presidential campaign released a memo ahead of the president’s speech touting the administration’s accomplishments to decrease gun violence,” NBC News reported.

“Fighting for a safer America — an America that does its part to save more lives from gun violence — is on the ballot this November,” read the memo from campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz.

The memo went on to note that the president “signed the most significant federal bipartisan gun safety legislation in nearly 30 years,” claiming it  “went after gun traffickers and expanded federal background checks; has worked to combat deadly, untraceable ghost guns; and closed the background check loophole — and more.”

Biden was scheduled to headline Everytown for Gun Safety’s annual training conference in Washington at 1:30 p.m., just a few hours after Hunter was found guilty in a Delaware court.

Social media erupted over the bad timing of the event as the trial wrapped up and debated whether the president would actually show up after all.

Biden eventually took the stage at 2:30 EST with an enthusiastic crowd chanting “Four more years.”

Frieda Powers


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