‘You can’t travel to buy a book?’ Pelosi ponders what Republicans ‘have in store’ for post-Roe Americans

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has never concerned herself with facts when she wants to make a point, and when it comes to the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the third branch of the American government, she’ll use unbridled, baseless fear if that’s what it takes to circumvent a Supreme Court ruling she doesn’t like.

From the moment the Supreme Court returned the right to legislate abortion back to the states where it belongs, House Democrats have been busy looking for ways to get around the pesky Constitution–or at least, ways to appear as though they are, in the hopes that it will give them something with legs to run on in the fast-approaching midterms.

Two bills aimed at protecting access to abortions on the federal level passed on party lines in the House on Friday, but as The New York Times reports, neither has the votes to stay afloat in the Senate.

One of the bills — the Freedom to Travel for Health Care Act of 2022 — ostensibly sought to protect women from criminal prosecution if they cross out of a Red state and into a Blue one to get an abortion.

In her push to pass this measure, Pelosi took to the House floor and asked what “Republicans have in store next” for Americans, suggesting conservatives may one day ban people from traveling across state lines to buy a book.

“We offer hope to the American people who treasure our freedoms and who are overwhelmingly with us in our mission to defend them,” she stated. “What do Republicans have in store next? You can’t travel to buy a book? You can’t travel to see a concert or a play if it doesn’t meet their, shall we say — I won’t even use the word ‘standards.'”

There is so much wrong with this statement that it’s difficult to know where to begin, but the bottom line is that Nancy Pelosi isn’t trying to “protect” anything.

She is once again treating the Capitol like a summer-stock theater and fear-mongering to save her party from annihilation in November.

First, if Americans overwhelmingly treasure the right to abort a child for any reason, at any time, Pelosi well knows they will overwhelmingly vote to do so in their states.

This is what the Supreme Court ruling was meant to ensure.

The power lies with the people to govern their respective states.


So, if Pelosi is correct, access to abortions will go unhindered in much of the U.S.

Second, as Nancy Pelosi is also well aware, there isn’t a single state in the nation that has prohibited a woman from seeking an out-of-state abortion.

Not one, or the New York Times would have been all over it.

Instead, The Times stated in late June, “There are currently no abortion bans that attempt to prosecute women who cross state lines to seek an abortion.”

Of course, the outlet then engaged in the same “but what if” game Pelosi is playing, speculating that they could at some point in the future.

The fact is, knowing full well that both these bills will die of embarrassment in the Senate, House Dems aren’t actually trying to do their jobs and pass laws.

And that should be the third takeaway from Friday’s show: Democrats are using taxpayer money to campaign from the House floor.

Pelosi admitted as much in a press conference following her speech — a speech in which she unironically invited angry people to the Capitol to protest.

“We must ensure the American people remember in November,” she said, “because with two more Democratic senators, we will be able to eliminate the filibuster when it comes to women’s right to choose and to make reproductive freedom the law of the land.”

So there you have it.

Her House speech wasn’t an honest debate on new legislation. She knew it wouldn’t do a thing towards actually passing it because that wasn’t the point of bringing it to the floor in the first place.

It was meant to give her and her Democratic colleagues the opportunity to flood the airways with fear-fueled “what if” scenarios that only Dems are conjuring in the hopes they’ll scare people into voting for them.


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