‘You wanna call ME naïve?!’ Ramaswamy locks horns with Kilmeade in HEATED post-debate battle

“Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade could barely contain his disgust as he bludgeoned Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy over his stance on Ukraine Thursday.

Ramaswamy attacked former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley during the fourth GOP debate for working as a Boeing contractor after she left office. He contended that Haley became even wealthier by working for complicit corporations in an interview with Fox News host Lawrence Jones.

Jones wanted to know if the tactic of attacking Haley over the issue had been successful for him given her rise in the polls. Then, it was Kilmeade’s turn to bash Ramaswamy.

“I’d just like to know with his policy, it’s just ridiculous on Russia-Ukraine, he says ‘tell Russia basically they can have Ukraine if they promise not to have an alliance with China,’ I mean–” Kilmeade commented before addressing Ramaswamy directly.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“Vivek, are you comfortable with Russia taking as much of Ukraine as they want? Are you comfortable pulling all of our aid out and do you really believe that Vladimir Putin will agree not to have an alliance with China?” Kilmeade bluntly asked Ramaswamy, slamming his “bonehead” Ukraine policy.

Ramaswamy insisted that the US has to play “hardball” and threaten “serious consequences” against Russia if they break the deal.

Kilmeade wanted an example.

This war doesn’t advance U.S. interests–” Ramaswamy claimed before Kilmeade jumped in.

“Yes it does, if you give up Eastern Europe– it is in our interest,” he asserted.

The two continued to fight with Ramaswamy claiming that current political policy was driving Russia into an alliance with China and Kilmeade contesting that statement.

Ramaswamy also brought up that it is concerning that the U.S. does not know how Ukraine is spending the money we send them. In response to that, Kilmeade argued that Ukrainians are the “best fighters in the world.”

The firebrand Republican accused Ukraine of assassinations and Kilmeade retorted by calling him “naive.”

“So naive, you give up Ukraine then in two years you’d be criticizing Joe Biden for giving up Ukraine,” Kilmeade charged.

“You wanna call me naive? I actually understand what the heck I’m talking about here,” Ramaswamy angrily clapped back.

“Really?” Kilmeade sneered.

The heated back-and-forth continued as they sparred over U.S. involvement in Ukraine. Ramaswamy remarked that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin threatened to send American troops to Ukraine if the current aid package wasn’t passed.

Kilmeade shot back that Austin’s comments were about Russia invading a NATO member and told Ramaswamy to “pay attention.” He then ended the segment.

The blowback on X following the face-off between Kilmeade and Ramaswamy was intense:


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