Ramaswamy whips out a prop to take down Nikki Haley and the GOP debate erupts in boos

A downsized field of GOP White House hopefuls squared off in the fourth presidential debate in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Wednesday night and Vivek Ramaswamy went for Nikki Haley’s jugular.

The media may have spent weeks propping up the former South Carolina governor and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations but the political newcomer wasn’t buying the hype and he savaged the establishment’s chosen one, drawing boos from the crowd.

The bad blood between the two candidates carried over from the third debate in Miami last month when Haley told the young biotech entrepreneur who has gotten under her skin, “You’re just scum!” and the fireworks went off again onstage at the University of Alabama.

At one point during the NewsNation event which was moderated by Megyn Kelly, Elizabeth Vargas, and Eliana Johnson, Ramaswamy resorted to a visual aid to make his point about the “surging” Haley, a notepad with the words “NIKKI=CORRUPT” scrawled on it during one exchange over her embrace of identity politics.

“This is a symptom of a deeper cancer in American life, identity politics. This new religion that says your race, your gender and your sexuality are your identity. It is anti-American….it’s anti-meritocratic and it is dividing this country to a breaking point,” the man dubbed the “CEO of Anti-Woke Inc.” said. “And I’ve spoken about this to the left. My books are all about this, I’ve preached this to the left. But it’s even worse when Republicans try to play the same game. We’re talking about that trans issue.”

“Nikki Haley’s campaign launch video sounded like a woke Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light ad talking about how she would kick in heels,” he continued. “At the first debate. She said that only a woman can get this job done. That’s what she said. After the third debate when I criticized Ronna McDaniel after five failed years of leadership of this party and criticized Nikki for her corrupt foreign dealings as a military contractor, she said that I have a woman problem. Nikki. I don’t have a woman problem. You have a corruption problem and I think that that’s what people need to know.”

He then held up the notepad with the message that had her cheering section booing. “Nikki is corrupt. This is a woman who will send your kids to die so she can buy a bigger house,” he said.

“This is the problem. Using identity politics more effectively than Kamala Harris is a form of intellectual fraud and inaction. When you stand, there’s her donor puppet masters wielding their puppet right up here tonight,” Ramaswamy added. “This is how this game is played. The puppet masters put up their puppet, and I reject the use of identity politics in this party. It has been a cancer coming from the left, and I’m sick and tired of the double standards. The people of this country are too. Having two X chromosomes does not immunize you from criticism.”

Ramaswamy also got the best of the media darling when he humiliated her over the geography in Ukraine, a country where Haley along with the rest of the warmongering D.C. political class is clamoring for greater U.S. involvement.

After saying that he was right all along about the U.S.-NATO proxy war on Russia, Ramaswamy challenged Haley to name three provinces in Eastern Ukraine, her uncomfortable look spoke volumes.

“Look at that,” he said, gesturing at the befuddled Haley. “This is what I want people to understand. These people have, I mean she has no idea what the hell the names of those provinces are but she wants to send our sons and daughters and our troops and our military equipment to go fight it.”

“So reject this myth that they’ve been selling you that somebody had a cup of coffee stint at the U.N. and then makes 8 million bucks after has real foreign policy experience,” he added to a mixture of boos and cheers from the audience. “Look at the blank expression, she doesn’t know the names of the provinces that she wants to actually fight for.”

Whether it affects her glowing media coverage remains to be seen but Ramaswamy just gave an early Christmas gift to Haley’s opponents.

Chris Donaldson


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