‘Your tweets are having a real effect’: Barbra Streisand falls into an ironic trap attempting to defend Biden

Some folks never learn.

Actress and singer Barbra Streisand ripped a page out of the ‘what not to do’ playbook and handed Trump supporters a gift when she called attention to media ‘disinformation’ about Joe Biden.

Ironically falling prey to the ‘Streisand effect’, a phenomenon where unwanted attention is called to an event or story by claiming the event or story is unworthy of being recognized or taken seriously, Streisand appeared to do exactly this with an X post stating, “The New York Post is printing lies about President Biden. No other media outlets should amplify its disinformation.”

The Post along with other ‘conservative’ media outlets have been under attack by the White House, celebs, and Democrat media allies for posting a seemingly endless slew of gaffes and strange behavior by Biden.

Biden’s odd behavior is nothing new, but as the election creeps closer leftists have been on a campaign to claim clips are being selectively edited and shown to the public as manipulated ‘cheap fakes.’

Last week, the Biden campaign called a short viral clip of Biden appearing dazed and confused while overseas at the G7 event, ‘disinformation.’ But, as BizPac Review reported, a lack of context didn’t seem to alter what was being shown to the public as the longer version of the footage proved just as damning, if not worse.

This week, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has been doing damage control over more troubling video, this time with Biden appearing to ‘freeze’ on stage at a star-studded fundraiser before being led off by former President Barack Obama.

So, while the left screams ‘don’t believe your lyin’ eyes’, Streisand got an earful for her unintentionally hilarious post.

Didn’t George Orwell warn us about this?

EXCELLENT point. Never forget.



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