New York Mag’s sexist smear piece on ‘subservient’ Republican women gets pummeled into oblivion

New York Magazine stepped on a rake with a sexist cover story that unleashed the wrath of “Republican women.”

In what seemed like confirmation that the left hates women – especially strong women who can think for themselves, the magazine touted the latest piece to grace its cover by writer-at-large Rebecca Traister.

Titled, “How Did Republican Women End Up Like This? ” the article claimed to look at “The baffling, contradictory demands of being female in the party of Donald Trump.”

And in a post on X to promote the story, the magazine noted the author “reports on the surprising evolution of the Republican woman — their wrath, sweetness, strength, and subservience to the MAGA right, observed.”

If social media users thought the post was meant as purely click-bait, they would find that Traister attempts to find how the GOP “understands — and represents — womanhood more broadly.”

“As we cruise toward November with two ancient white men on the presidential ticket and the rights of millions of people who are not white men in the balance, the public performance of Republican womanhood has become fractured, frenzied, and far less coherent than ever,” she wrote.

The author claimed Republican women are caught “projecting traditional notions of compliant, cheerful femininity and channeling the testosterone-driven rage of the conservative infotainment complex,” while she followed the left’s playbook of boosting women by insulting those who think differently.

Traister trashed Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancée, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and her “duck-lipped, smoky-eyed stylings” as well as mocking RNC co-chair Lara Trump’s video and her “sequined pants and stilettos.” In contrast to her history lesson on Republican women, the author claims today’s “women on the left conduct themselves with new ease and assuredness” whereas the GOP’s “most visible” women offer “fevered performances of hyperfemininity and hypermasculinity.”

Her lengthy diatribe and the way New York Magazine chose to broadcast it earned a fiery and smoking rebuke from women, and men, on social media.

Frieda Powers


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