Zelenskyy invites Trump to Ukraine front lines: ‘I’m ready even to go with him’

The political establishment is fuming at Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump as the $60 billion giveaway to Ukraine remains stalled in Congress, but war-torn country’s leader has responded with a generous offer.

As American pundits and politicians are spitting venom at Trump over his insisting that NATO members should pay their fair share for their own defense, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky extended an invitation to the former and perhaps future president to join him on the frontlines for a first-hand look at the situation.

During remarks at the Munich Security Conference where he appeared alongside noted geopolitical expert VP Kamala Harris, a trip that President Joe Biden’s handlers wisely chose to keep him from making, the diminutive Eastern European leader said that he would welcome Trump’s presence.

“If Mr. Trump will come, I am ready even to go with him to the front line,” the Ukrainian strongman said. “I invited him publicly but it depends on his wishes,” he added, seeming to claim that he had previously extended a similar offer.

“I think if we are in dialogue about how to finish the war, we have to demonstrate to people who are decision-makers, what does it mean — the real war. Not on Instagram — the real war,” he said, likely meaning Truth Social where Trump maintains his social media presence.

While the offer seemed to be sincere at a time when support for the proxy war on Russia is on the decline in the U.S., there are some who are suspicious that any trip to the front lines of the conflict could be a one-way trip for Trump.

In more Ukraine-related news, Biden is blaming Republicans in Congress over the retreat from Avdiivka, a major victory for the Russians who raised their flag over the rubble of the city that they had nearly encircled after months of fierce fighting.

The surrender of the longtime Ukrainian stronghold is just the latest sign that the war which the U.S. is becoming ever more deeply involved in isn’t going as well as the propagandists in the media would lead the American public to believe.

“This morning, Ukraine’s military was forced to withdraw from Avdiivka after Ukrainian soldiers had to ration ammunition due to dwindling supplies as a result of congressional inaction, resulting in Russia’s first notable gains in months,” the White House said in a readout of Biden’s Saturday call with the Ukrainian leader.

On Saturday, the flailing Biden demanded that Congress, a co-equal branch of the government, get back to Washington, D.C. so that Zelensky can get his money.

Biden’s remarks come as he is spending another weekend at his Delaware home, more hypocrisy after he just complained about the House taking a two-week recess.

Chris Donaldson


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