14-yr-old reportedly removed from home by state when parents oppose her gender transition – in Montana!

Transgenderism hit hard in the heartland as parents recounted their loss in a heartbreaking custody battle in a surprising state.

“This was not in California or NY. This was in Montana!”

Monday, as Reduxx carried an exclusive covering the last five months of Krista and Todd Kolstad’s struggle to save their 14-year-old daughter from the grips agenda driven bureaucracies, social media maven Libs of TikTok amplified the tale that prompted a response from Montana’s Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte.

Boiled down to its finer points, Libs posted, “TERRIFYING. CPS showed up to this family’s home and took their 14-year-old daughter away after the parents opposed her gender transition. The state took custody of the teen and the parents weren’t allowed to see her. They were also excluded from her medical care and she was reportedly given vaccines without her parents’ consent.”

“This was not in California or NY. This was in Montana!” exclaimed the account.

Reduxx’s exclusive recounted the story of the Kolstad’s of Glasgow, Montana dating back to August when the father and stepmother had been called about their daughter expressing suicidal ideations at school. That same day, they received a visit at their home from Montana Child and Family Services.

A claim from the girl that she had consumed toilet cleaner and painkillers was said to have been debunked by her medical records over which the parents complained about a notation stating their daughter “identifies as male- ‘Leo.'”

“We were very clear to the emergency room staff as well as [CFS] that this goes against our values, morals, and our religious beliefs,” Krista Kolstad told Reduxx. “They told me to call their lawyer if I have an issue as they will do what the patient tells them.”

An agreed upon decision to have their daughter moved to a facility for round-the-clock care and counseling proved problematic when, instead of one of six locations in the state, the parents were informed that their child would be transported to Wyoming where laws on transitioning minors differed.

“It looked to us like kids could go ahead and have procedures done and have hormones without parental consent,” said Kolstad before detailing how, accompanied by police, CFS showed up at their daughter to take the girl away.

A month later, their daughter was moved back to Montana at a group home where she had remained since.

“They called it ‘temporary legal custody,’ which means they have the say over where she is at, but we are supposed to be able to have the say over everything else. But that was not upheld,” expressed Kolstad. “There were incidents of her getting vaccines we did not consent to, we were not told the name of the Doctors involved, and she was allowed to shave her head.”

After monthly court meetings, custody of the girl was given to CFS on Jan. 19, the stepmother explained to Reduxx. “We were told that letting [her] transition and live as a boy was in her ‘therapeutic best interest’ and because we aren’t willing to follow that recommendation, the court gave CFS custody of [her] for six months.”

Outrage quickly spread over the state superseding parental rights in the deep red state where Republicans held two-thirds majority in both chambers under a Republican governor, including billionaire Elon Musk who wondered, “Montana?”

Reacting to the trending story, Gianforte put out a statement on social media that began, “To give them their best shot at reaching their full potential, children deserve to grow up in happy, healthy homes with loving families.”

“Sadly, this ideal is not always realized. Unfortunately, our society finds children whose life, health, and wellbeing are at serious risk from abuse and neglect, and only as a last resort, should they be removed from their home,” he continued.

Gianforte went on to explain as the state determined to deliver custody to the girl’s birth mother in Canada that he asked his Lt. Gov. Kristen Juras to investigate the matter and that, alongside the director of DPHHS, it was determined that the court “followed state policy and law in their handling of this tragic case.”

However, the governor’s assurance to “continue to advance policies that strengthen our families and protect Montana kids,” as well as continued monitoring of the Kolstad’s case did not explain away the concern as Libs of TikTok went on to share a report on Gianforte vetoing a bill that may have staved off the entire situation.

“Incredible that you managed to do a full investigation of the ENTIRE case in just a matter of HOURS!” wrote the incredulous account. “Also why did you veto House Bill 37 which would’ve required Child Protective Services to obtain a judicial warrant before removing children from their homes?”

A crowdfunding account was established to help the family fight the “medical kidnapping” of their daughter and, at the time of this post, had raised over $5,000 as more outrage poured in directed at the state.

Kevin Haggerty


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