UK’s Online Safety Bill could result in social media users being jailed for 2 yrs for ‘psychological harm’

Internet trolls in the United Kingdom could face two years in prison for posting content on social media that causes “psychological harm,” if lawmakers have their way. […]

While China builds hypersonic missiles, Biden admin adds ‘climate czar’ to Pentagon

The Defense Department is planning to add a so-called “climate czar” to its policymaking apparatus whose role and responsibility will be to respond to climate change, according […]

Manchin, Sinema could block Dem attempts to dominate the FCC

As Republicans up in opposition to a controversial but long-awaited Federal Communications Commission nominee from President Joe Biden, it appears as though the outcome could be […]

Eric Swalwell’s lavish campaign fund expenditures include casino, liquor delivery app

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California spent campaign funds lavishly to include a casino, bars, sporting events, high-end steak houses, a liquor ivery app, and a beer […]

Marine officer disciplined for criticizing Afghan withdrawal pushed back on reprimand calling him ‘narcissistic’

A U.S. Marine officer recently discipd for publicly criticizing top Pentagon leaders following the deadly and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan is now pushing back on a letter […]

Washington Post refuses to publish full Trump response to its major story about Capitol riot

Officials with the Washington Post said the paper won’t publish former President Donald Trump’s response to a lengthy investigative story published this week about the Jan. 6 […]

Biden claims Trump put world ‘behind the 8-ball’ in apology for pulling out of Paris Climate Accords

President Biden offered an apology on Monday for his predecessor’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accords, saying that it put the world “behind the […]

Manchin frustrates Democrats again: ‘I think it sucks’

Moderate Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia frustrated and angered party colleagues again on Monday after he said he would not agree to a slimmed-down version […]

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