Police orgs try to put the brakes on attempts to lighten restrictions for gun permits

As states sign constitutional carry bills into law, some Second Amendment proponents are receiving pushback from law enforcement organizations who believe proposed requirements for permits, or […]

Energy, inflation, Putin – here’s a solution to three problems

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. It is interesting to note the relationship between energy prices, overall inflation and Mr. Putin’s aggression. […]

CRT founder fears critics are winning the language war, frets movement will go the way of ACORN

A prominent CRT activist said the quiet part out loud about progressive language games when discussing the scrutiny her movement has faced before harkening back to defunct […]

Russia warns of $300 barrel oil, threatens to cut gas to Germany as Biden, UK announce ban

President Joe Biden finally caved to growing political pressure from both Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, announcing a ban on Russian oil imports in […]

Pence doesn’t rule out possible 2024 White House run when pressed by Bartiromo

(Video: Fox Business) Former Vice President Mike Pence remained noncommittal Monday when asked about a potential bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024 suggesting it’s not […]

Tone-deaf Biden to ask Congress for $2.6B to promote gender equity worldwide

With the world on fire and Americans facing skyrocketing prices at the gas pump, forcing a tough choice for some between filling up and putting food on […]

‘He’s running for the grift’: Florida’s ‘Grim Reaper’ gets stiff reception to announced bid for office

Florida attorney Daniel Uhlfelder is loing to parlay his claim to fame as the infamous Grim Reaper into a comfortable position on the government dole. Uhlfelder drew […]

Covid narrative shift comes too late for Democrat parents who sound off on party: ‘It opened my eyes’

Parents angered over COVID restrictions and feeling unheard by Democratic representatives are “done with the party” and seeking Republicans for the midterms and beyond. Leading up to […]

Atty dad acquitted after arrest for not wearing mask at outdoor school game, now it’s payback time

A Rochester, NY dad facing jail time and licensure suspension for not wearing a mask was acquitted Wednesday and is now preparing civil litigation. Chad Hummel, an […]

‘Hell yeah!’ Rick Scott pushes 11-pt ‘unabashedly populist plan’ to voters in spite of McConnell

(Video: FoxNews) Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) remained on the defensive Monday for his proposal that everyone have “skin in the game” when it comes to taxes and […]

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