A day to mourn or embrace?

Chad Robichaux, DCNF Is it “Happy Memorial Day” or do we need to tip-toe around celebrating? Am I supposed to be happy or sad? I know it […]

Has America reached peak woke capitalism?

Brad Anderson, DCNF Has woke capitalism finally peaked? Recent indications suggest that it has. That’s good news for shareholders who have seen their savings and 401(k) accounts […]

Every time Biden drained strategic oil reserves, prices ended up higher. Here’s the proof

Thomas Catenacci, DCNF President Joe Biden has raided the Strategic Petroleum Reserve three times, but the actions have had minimal impact on oil and gasoline prices, data […]

Video emerges of grinning Uvalde shooter holding up blood-soaked cats

While President Biden and the Democratic Party pursue a political agenda involving gun control following the horrific shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, the emerging […]

Tracing how the Biden family started cashing in side checks: Years of lying, backstabbing and more

(Video: Fox News) It has long been suspected that then-Vice President Joe Biden was a key player in the questionable overseas business deals of his son Hunter […]

Biden’s baby formula disaster is just the tip of the iceberg

Tom Basile, DCNF In just the last few months, the Biden administration has resorted to begging nations like socialist Venezuela for more oil. Now, the White House is scrambling the […]

Biden admin gets one right in disinviting Cuba, other ‘authoritarian leaders’ from Summit of the Americas

It looks like the Biden administration has at last done something conservatives can applaud and disinvited Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba from the Summit of the Americas, citing […]

Octogenarian launches comeback for House: ‘I took on Richard Nixon, and I can take on Donald Trump’

Former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman, 80, has announced her desire to join D.C.’s ever-growing octogenarian club in a run to represent New York’s new 10th Congressional District and […]

Tyrus calls for fair DOJ probe of Uvalde police: ‘To put more shame on them is irresponsible’

(Video: Fox News) Professional wrestler and Fox News co-host Tyrus expressed his support for a fair investigation of Uvalde law enforcement’s response to last week’s horrific mass […]

Marjorie Taylor Greene rib about govt dietary ‘zap’ falls off cliff with mention of ‘peach tree’ dish

While many conservatives love the feisty, fearlessly outspoken Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), there are times when her controversial points of view open the door to mass […]

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