Now we know! Manchin brags about the payoff he got from Schumer, Pelosi to sell out the country

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., may have resolved the curiosity of so many about why he suddenly caved to wasteful spending amid 40-year high inflation after […]

Tucker Carlson lays out terrifying reality of Biden admin provoking a hot war with China

Fox News host Tucker Carlson didn’t mince words when he chided President Joe Biden for boasting of a victory after a top terrorist was taken out Monday […]

Trump’s legal team reportedly busy at work prepping defense in the event DOJ brings criminal charges

In anticipation of potential criminal charges from the Department of Justice (DOJ) relating to the events of January 6, 2021, attorney’s for former President Donald Trump have […]

Joe Rogan cloak and dagger theory: Jeffrey Epstein was ‘intel’ agent out to compromise high level assets

  On Friday’s episode of the wildly popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” the comedian ved into the realm of the conspiratorial as he pondered who was […]

Pelosi visit reportedly on as Taiwan cancels military leaves to ‘immediately prepare’ for chance of conflict

A day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) appeared to wilt under the pressure of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) threats surrounding her potential visit to Taiwan, […]

NYC career shoplifter with 100 arrests finally held on bail – not for latest heist but allegedly assaulting cop

Self-described “professional booster,” Michelle McKelley is finally behind bars in New York City, and it only to 100 arrests for her to get there. McKelley made national […]

GOP’s Crapo cites study to say ‘reckless’ Schumer-Manchin deal to raise taxes on earners under $400K

Citing data from the nonpartisan Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT), Republicans on the Senate Committee on Finance has revealed what many Americans already assumed: Democrats, namely […]

Satirical classroom lesson on FDA not only hilarious, it could be somewhat fitting

A comical old episode of Goliath’s “After School with Miss Kathy,” a satirical take on the indoctrination of school kids, is making the rounds on and proves […]

Dems and union leaders face few repercussions after studies show school closures had ‘catastrophic’ effects on children

More than two years after school children were forced to stay home and attempt to learn in isolation, in front of a computer screen, multiple studies are […]

Dem Rep: ‘Only reason to vote Republican is if you’re really wealthy, really racist, or both’

Democrats short on selling points, given the state of the U.S. economy today under their tenure, are dutifully proceeding with the 2022 midterm marching orders to demonize […]

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