5 young tubers stabbed, one fatally, as man attacked in horrific Wisc. river scene, accusations fly in court

As a Wisconsin murder trial entered a second week, released video showed the chaotic moments a teen was fatally stabbed as apparent lies from both sides were exposed.

On July 30, 2022, then-52-year-old Nicolae Miu’s encounter with a group of young people on Wisconsin’s Apple River ultimately proved fatal for 17-year-old Isaac Schuman. Facing a potential of sentence of life in prison if convicted, video evidence and witness testimony challenged claims that the defendant had been “filming little girls” prior to the violent altercation.

Video released during the trial showed as the defendant hurriedly approached a group of tubers on the river as he seemed intent, as detailed by court filings, on finding a phone that had fallen into the water having doubled back from his own group that included his wife.

Miu’s presence was met with heckling and growing hostility as reports indicated that another group of young females had grown uncomfortable and someone could be heard claiming the man had been attempting to get images of “little girls.”

The increasingly volatile scene exploded with blows exchanged with the defendant ending up in the water before five of the tubers, including Schuman, ended up with knife wounds.

Faced with a charge of first-degree intentional homicide and multiple counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide for the wounds of Dante Carlson, Tony Carlson, Rhyley Mattison and A.J. Martin, testimony about the “little girls” narrative that riled the tubers up fell apart under scrutiny from attorneys.

“You also said to the police, [Miu] came out of the bushes and he was taking pictures of little girls?” an attorney asked witness Larrion Davis of testimony from early March of this year. “Yes, I said that.”

“I understand you said it, did you see it?”

“Yes,” Davis said as the witness was asked to clarify if he’d seen the defendant “with his camera that afternoon, taking pictures of little girls — that’s what you’re telling this jury?”

“Oh, no, no, no, that’s what I said,” replied Davis before admitting when asked if it was true, “Oh, I don’t know.”

“That’s not true is it?” the attorney challenged after reiterating the claims that had been made before the witness stated, “I guess so…It’s hard to say, ’cause like that’s what I recall from the day that it happened, that’s what I was telling the officer.”

Similarly, claims from Miu to St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Brandi Hart were refuted as the defendant had initially denied having a knife and instead claimed that he had taken it from one of the tubers during the fatal altercation.

The interview report detailed, “I asked Nic if it seemed as though the two groups of people were together on the river and he said yes, he believed so. Nic told me that he’d feared for his life. Nic said that when the group started hitting him and two of the individuals pointed a smaller knife at him, ‘I though that was it for me’. Nic said, ‘Luckily, I took it from one of the young kids’. I asked Nic what he did with the knife, and he said, ‘I don’t even know’.”

The testimony went on to suggest that the defendant had taken one of the tubers by the arm and “poked him with his own hand” before taking the knife and swinging it around to attempt to free himself of the situation.

Miu’s wife had allegedly told investigators at the time of the incident that he did have a knife on him.

As roughly 50 witnesses had taken the stand at the time of this post, it was also reported that at least two of the victims had been recorded as having blood alcohol levels of 0.09 when they were brought to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Kevin Haggerty


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