A new version of the Mueller Report is dragged out by press with claims about Don Jr. and Roger Stone

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The establishment press is apparently still obsessing over former special counsel Robert Mueller’s failed investigation into former President Donald Trump, and critics say their behavior is “pitiful.”

On Friday, BuzzFeed News published a new “bombshell” claiming that Mueller could have charged Donald Trump Jr. and Roger Stone “with computer crimes,” but chose not to.

This “bombshell” was based on the findings from “a new version of the Mueller report” that was released Friday afternoon by the Biden Department of Justice to BuzzFeed as per a Freedom of Information Act request filed in 2019.

The report “reveals for the first time that former special counsel Robert Mueller considered charging Donald Trump Jr. with a misdemeanor ‘computer intrusion’ crime for accessing an anti-Trump website using a password he obtained from WikiLeaks,” according to BuzzFeed.

“The new version of the report on Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election also said that Mueller declined, citing insufficient evidence, to charge the political operative Roger Stone with crimes related to the hacking of Democratic National Committee computers and email accounts.”

Following its publication of the “bombshell,” BuzzFeed shared the story on Twitter, where it’d received a total of 148 likes by Saturday morning:

Note that the tweet was posted at 4:14 pm Friday afternoon.

Despite this lackluster welcome, the story wound up receiving far more attention after several prominent establishment figures, including Lincoln Project ally Molly Jong-Fast, shared it to their own timelines.

Case in point:

Notice the word that Jong-Fast used to describe her reaction: “Infuriating.”

Critics preferred using other words like, say, “joke,” “yawn,” LOL,” “desperation,” “fake news,” “HAHAHA,” “pitiful” and “gullible.”


And these were just the critics responding directly to BuzzFeed News. Plenty of critics also aimed fire at Jong-Fast.

But while some simply mocked her, others tried to explain why her complaint about the new findings being “infuriating” didn’t make any sense.


As noted above, Mueller had lacked the evidence to prosecute Trump Jr., and Stone. And indeed, the now-unredacted report obtained by BuzzFeed shows this.

In the case of Trump Jr., it says, “Trump Jr. accessed the website shortly before it went public using a ‘guessed’ password that, although it was sent to him individually, had also been posted by WikiLeaks to its public Twitter account, such that anyone following WikiLeaks could have gotten the same preview of the website that Trump Jr. did.”

This, in addition to the fact that he “did not himself initiate the plan to access the website or guess the password,” the fact that his actions caused no damages and the fact that the most they could charge him with was a petty misdemeanor, was why, the report states, the special counsel “decided against pursuing charges.”

Similarly, the report states, the evidence “was not sufficient to charge that former Trump Campaign member Roger Stone joined or participated in the hacking conspiracy.”

In a statement to BuzzFeed, Stone’s attorney celebrated his latest victory.

“This vindicates Mr. Stone’s position that he in no way participated in or had knowledge of any activities of Wikileaks and confirms what we knew all along,” he said.

Vivek Saxena


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