A pet tax!? Colorado Dems are ‘declaring war on citizens’ with slew of freedom-stifling bills

Government overreach struck new lows in Colorado as legislators sought to crackdown on First Amendment rights, parental consent and even pet ownership.

Keeping former President Donald Trump off the ballot wasn’t the only scheme leftists in the Centennial State had undertaken as lawmakers sought to enshrine infringements as part of their 2024 regular session. With a few hundred bills set to be considered, noteworthy standouts against freedom were being set forth in the House and Senate centralizing power.

HB24-1163, introduced by state Rep. Regina English (D), called for the establishment of a pet animal registration system under the state Department of Agriculture. Under the proposal, all pet owners would be required to pay an annual fee to keep their furry friends, staggered based on compliance.

Without designating a caregiver, pet owners would be made to pay $25 annually per pet compared to $8.50. The lower fee was also contingent upon having the pet spayed or neutered, otherwise, the owner was required to pay $16.

Failure to comply meant up to $100 per unlawful act.

SB24-084, co-sponsored by state Sen. Lisa Cutter (D) and state Rep. Lorena García sought to make it the state attorney general’s job to “Establish an initiative to encourage respectful engagement and discourse; Develop and share a curriculum to facilitate productive and hones conversations regarding statewide and national issues to help people find common ground; and Collaborate with organizations across the state to develop and update the materials that are used in connection with the curriculum.”

In other words, as one social media user put it, “The far left radical extremist Colorado Democrat Party really is declaring war on citizens. Colorado Democrats now have a bill in the Colorado Legislature…which seeks to stifle free speech and attack the 1st Amendment,” as the AG was expected to generate a report recommending legislation to address what was considered mis- and disinformation.

Meanwhile, HB24-1039 concerning “Non-Legal Name Changes,” was introduced by Democratic state Sens. Faith Winter and Janice Marchman alongside “non-binary” state Rep. Stephanie Vigil.

The bill, as investigative journalist Sarah Fields pointed out, “allows children to pick their ‘preferred name’ in school without parental knowledge or consent. Refusal by a school to call the child by the made-up name at parent’s request is considered discrimination.”

“Vigil has made herself clear regarding how she feels about the nuclear family,” continued Fields referencing and attached video. “But even more disturbing is her admission that she does not believe in the age of consent. Listen to her comments made as the Youth Advisory Council chair, when HB24-1039 was first introduced.”

The lawmaker could be heard pointing out different ages for employment, obtaining a driver’s license, voting and drinking alcohol to support her argument there was no “magical birthday that immediately switches you from child to adult.”

That same trio was also responsible for introducing a “Gender-Affirming Health-Care Provider Study” that, if passed, would require the Department of Public Health and Environment to determine what resources were available to support transgenderism, what threats there were to providers of chemical castration, genital mutilation surgeries and the like in addition to availability of insurance coverage and the “impact of nonprescribed treatments.”

Reactions were widely disgusted with lawmakers’ ideological and infringing efforts.

Kevin Haggerty


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