‘A real failure’: DeSantis slams Johnson, GOP House, says they ‘capitulated entirely on the border’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis didn’t pull any punches during a press conference, lambasting House Speaker Mike Johnson and Republicans over giving President Biden everything he wanted while abandoning promises concerning securing the border.

“The #1 issue that our voters wanted them to address is the southern border and the massive influx of foreigners by the millions coming into this country — and we don’t know who these people are — and they basically just surrendered on the border. They now have no leverage to do anything on the border. They had an opportunity to insist that Biden accept the border [security] if he wanted all the foreign aid. And they decided to capitulate. And so he got everything he wants. And Republican voters did not get anything with respect to stopping this problem at the southern border,” DeSantis stated Tuesday in Naples.

“Look, we’re doing more in Florida to deal with it than Congress is. I mean, it’s just pathetic. I was really, really disappointed to see that they basically capitulated entirely on the border. And at this point, you’re not gonna see anything done on the border for the rest of this year. What, are we just gonna let it in another 2 million people and do nothing about it? I think it was a real, real failure,” the governor remarked during his press conference.

House Republicans had previously vowed to stand firm on tying securing the border to billions in foreign aid forked over to Ukraine. Speaker Johnson led them voicing that promise only to flip at the end, caving to Biden and signing off on the money going to Ukraine, getting nothing in return on the border. It incensed true conservatives in the House and the Senate and it brazenly bucked the wishes of the American public.

A border security bill failed while the foreign aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan was given the green light, with Biden is set to sign it.

“The border bill, turned down on a 215-199 vote with five Democrats joining all Republicans in voting in favor, was brought to the floor under a fast-track procedure known as suspension of the rules that requires a two-thirds majority for passage. The conservatives it was meant to appeal to slammed it as a ‘show vote,'” the New Hampshire Bulletin reported.

“The border security bill – nearly identical to legislation House Republicans passed last year – was an attempt by House Speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana to quell growing hard-right dissatisfaction prompted by his support for the $95 billion foreign aid package expected to pass Saturday with the help of Democrats,” the media outlet added.

“The measure is separate and not part of a package of three supplemental funding bills containing aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan as well as another so-called sidecar bill dealing with TikTok. The Senate will be able to clear the foreign aid package and ignore the border security bill that closely resembles another House-passed border bill the Senate has not acted on,” the New Hampshire Bulletin continued. “Rather than quell their unrest, Johnson’s move produced only more ire from hard-right members.”

Former President Trump came to Johnson’s defense over the unpopular move during a radio interview with conservative radio host Chris Stigall.

“Remember, the speakership we’re talking about has, you know, we’re a majority by one. One vote,” the former president pointed out.

“And you can’t really get too tough when — Look, we all want to be tough guys and all, and I have a lot of friends, and frankly I have friends on both sides,” he admitted. “You know, if you look at the vote, a lot of Republicans, a lot of good Republicans, voted for it. But Mike is in there and he’s trying, and some people were disappointed, and a lot of people were very disappointed that nothing happened with the border. I’ll straighten out the border.”


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