Jesse Watters: Biden forgives violinist’s screeching $250k student loan debt

The farce of the Biden administration’s move to wipe out billions of student loan debts on the taxpayer’s dime is anything but funny to Fox News host Jesse Watters.

The “Primetime” host railed against President Joe Biden for brazenly handing out magic erasers to thousands of borrowers saddled with the consequences of their own choices to take out loans for higher education. And while many hardworking Americans diligently plugged away at paying off their student loans over the years, Biden effectively gave thousands a reprieve, most recently to 277,000 borrowers.

Watters delivered an eye-opening reality during a segment on Tuesday’s Fox News show, putting names and faces with the latest Biden bailout and highlighting the story of Joel Lambdin, a 49-year-old musician who was awarded $250,000 in student-loan forgiveness by the Biden administration, thanks to American taxpayers.

The “professional musician” finished graduate school in 1998, according to a profile in Business Insider. When he found he could no longer survive and make payments on his student debts, Lambdin reportedly left his loans in forbearance where they continued to accumulate interest.

“But he grew to realize that the only way he could make a significant dent in his student loans was by switching careers. He didn’t want to do that because he loved working in music, so he decided to keep his larger student loan in forbearance and begin paying off his smaller loan with a lower monthly payment,” the article noted.

A letter from his loan servicer in January “meant his $249,255 outstanding student-loan balance was effectively wiped out,” Insider reported.

And, as Watters pointed out in his commentary, elimination of the quarter of a million dollar debt meant that Lambkin was free now to pursue long-time goals “like taking an Indian meditation sabbatical to study with his teacher.”

Lambdin told the Insider that “he felt as though he earned the relief given his decades of payments.”

“So even though you’re tightening your belt, you can rest easy knowing you paid off Joel’s 250-thousand dollar student loan while he’s doing downward dog in Calcutta,” Watters railed.

“And there are plenty more Joels out there,” Watters went on, noting other insulting examples of debt forgiven by Biden on the backs of Americans who are struggling to make ends meet.

Lambdin “needs to get a job,” conservative commentator and author Dana Loesch told Watters.

“Joel needs to get off his ass and get a job,” the nationally syndicated radio host added. “Forty-nine years old and you’re still trying to make it as a musician?”

“Maybe grow up, man up and get a real job so that you can support somebody else,” she said, adding that “it’s not somebody else’s responsibility.”

“These people are older than me. Why am I paying their debt? ” Loesch demanded, noting how she paid her own way and did not go into debt if she could not afford it.

“I definitely want to hear Joel’s side of the story,” she added when Watters invited the musician on his show. “I want to know what we’re getting for our investment. “

Frieda Powers


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