ABC pulls GMA anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach ‘indefinitely’ after secret love affair revealed

Following revelations that “GMA3” on air co-hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach were having an off-air extramarital relationship, ABC News executive Kim Godwin reportedly made a decision about the “internal and external distraction” during an editorial call Monday morning.

Last week, Daily Mail reported on the office romance between Robach, married to actor Andrew Shue, and Holmes, married to attorney Marilee Fiebig, complete with photos of the coworkers traveling to and from each other’s apartments as well as spending a weekend getaway in upstate New York. Monday, insiders updated the outlet on Godwin’s decision to suspend the pair indefinitely as she spoke with ABC employees.

“And so, I want to say that while that relationship is not a violation of company policy,” the executive reportedly said, according to TMZ, “I have really taken the last few days to think about and work through what I think is best for the ABC News organization.”

The duo had been hosts of  “GMA3: What You Need to Know” since the fall of 2020 and were said to have learned of their suspension the same day as the rest of the team.

“There is massive confusion internally,” an inside source at the network told the Mail. “ABC News executive Kim [Godwin] has taken them off the air while they deal with this internally.”

At least Monday, the program will be co-hosted by Stephanie Ramos and Gio Benitez, ABC’s national correspondent, and transportation correspondent.

Details of Godwin’s message on the call further reported her saying, “This is something I’m not going to talk, we’re not going to talk about on this call until there is more to be said. I’m asking that we stop the whispering in the hallways. You know, we can’t operate with gossip, and speculation and rumors. We need to stay focused on the work.”

“These decisions are not easy, they’re not knee jerk, but they are necessary for the brand and for our priority which, you guys know, are all of us–the people here at ABC,” she was said to have expressed and added, “If you think there is something that management needs to know, you can always call HR or, as we’ve said, talk to a manager that you trust. If you think there is something that we need to know.”

The initial story from the Mail had included images of the couple drinking at a bar together, holding hands in the backseat of an Uber, and even of Holmes appearing to grab Robach’s rear end as they unloaded a car at a cottage.

Details remained sparse on the current state of the co-hosts’ marriages, but the Mail went on to note that Robach was observed moving out of the apartment she shared with Shue and commented, “It’s been great. I’ve gotten a lot of support. And, you know, I appreciate everything, and I’m happy to be going to work.”

Shue reportedly began removing images from his social media of Robach which included him with Holmes’ arm over his shoulder as they trained with Robach for a half marathon. The co-hosts were also said to have spent time socially together with their spouses.

As for Holmes, this was not his first time being accused of having an affair as the outlet also reported an earlier dalliance with GMA producer Natasha Singh.

For what it’s worth, TMZ reported that T.J. and Amy had no intentions of slowing down and remained committed to growing their relationship.

It remains to be seen what the final decision on the co-hosts’ status with ABC will be.

Kevin Haggerty


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