Alan Dershowitz insists Biden is doing Hamas’ job for them

Constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz reacted to the Biden administration’s change of course toward Israel, suggesting that President Joe Biden is doing Hamas’ work for them.

This week, Biden finally gave in to his rabidly anti-Israel base amid serious concerns that Michigan Muslims could cost him the election, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during an angry phone call.

The shift in course could seriously damage America’s 76-year “special relationship” with the Jewish state by allowing Hamas to survive for the sake of electoral politics and on Friday’s edition of “Kudlow” on Fox Business, Dershowitz blasted the geriatric career politician.

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After asking “Why is Joe Biden betraying Israel?” Kudlow brought on the professor emeritus, a frequent Fox News guest.

“Whenever the United States turns against Israel, the result is, Hamas backs away from making any deals. Hamas says to itself, why should we give up any hostages?” Dershowitz said. “Biden’s doing our job for us, CNN’s doing our job for us, The New York Times is doing our job for us, Tony Blinken’s doing our job for us. They’re all making Israel lose, and if Israel’s losing, no matter how many people die in Gaza, Hamas will continue.”

“And so, the Biden administration is not only betraying Israel, it’s betraying the peace process. It is contributing to a continuation of Hamas fighting,” he continued. “I have to tell you, if Joe Biden had stuck with his original statement in support of Israel, this war would be over and every hostage would have been released.”

Biden’s call with Netanyahu came after seven aid workers for the World Central Kitchen were killed in an airstrike in Gaza, the sort of accident that often happens during wars but it was pounced on by the media to give Biden an excuse to placate his anti-Semitic base by finally calling for a ceasefire.

Kudlow said, “President Biden basically is doing this for political reasons, everybody says so, it’s not just me. He’s got troubles on his left and his far left or whatever left, but I think those are the worst reasons to change foreign policy.”

“You’re absolutely right, but he also has trouble in the center,” Dershowitz responded. “Let me tell you, hours before Joe Lieberman died, we were corresponding to do a statement, I put it ultimately in The Wall Street Journal, saying that people like Lieberman and me and others who are traditionally Democrats, but who support Israel, don’t count on us voting for you this time. We have open minds, you have to earn our votes. And I have to tell you, he’s not earning my vote these days.”

Another top Democrat came out this week to demand that weapons shipments be cut off to Israel when former Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined nearly three dozen left-wing lawmakers in a letter to Biden, first reported by NBC News.

In light of this incident, we strongly urge you to reconsider your recent decision to authorize the transfer of a new arms package to Israel, and to withhold this and any future offensive arms transfers until a full investigation into the airstrike is completed,” Pelosi and the Democrats wrote.

Democrats aren’t only throwing Israel under the bus for their own political survival, but they’re backing it up and driving over Netanyahu again and again.

Chris Donaldson


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