‘I am not woke’: Fetterman has zero sympathy for squatters, cop killers

Squatters, cop killers and terrorist sympathizers found Pennsylvania’s increasingly contrarian senator referencing the commonsense playbook as he affirmed, “I am not woke.”

The more distance that Democratic Sen. John Fetterman put between himself and the stroke he suffered during his 2022 election campaign, the more prevalent his leanings away from leftist lunacy that has overtaken places like New York City have become.

This was especially true as he joined the New York Post for an interview released Saturday where he sounded off on a number for the problems plaguing the Big Apple courtesy of progressive politicians and prosecutors.

“Squatters have no rights,” asserted Fetterman during his sit down with the newspaper at Manhattan’s Eleven Madison Park. “How can you even pretend that this is anything other than you’re just breaking the law?”

As soft-on-crime policies were coupled with the ever-increasing illegal alien crisis, so too has the issue of squatting garnered more coverage as charged criminals were released without bail and a rightful homeowner attempting to reclaim her property was arrested.

“I am not woke,” said the senator in opposition to the stigma that surrounds the label. “We always tried to push back against that.”

“It’s wild, that if you go away for a long trip, for 30 days, and someone breaks into your home and suddenly they have rights,” he continued on the matter where laws meant to protect lawful tenants were being abused to the benefit of criminals gaming the system. “This is crazy. Like if somebody stole your car, and then they held it for 30 days, then somehow you now have some rights?”

Similar to the scenario described by the senator, after renovating a property left to him by his late father a homeowner in Georgia alleged that two men and a woman had broken into the house “and had a U-Haul move all their stuff in,” and the police told him, ” since they have a fake lease, that they can’t do anything.”

Fetterman also weighed in on the slaying of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, posthumously promoted to detective, as he continued to appear aligned with the conservative view of law enforcement. “I have gone to police funerals. If this individual is convicted, then he should spend the rest of his life and in prison, and never have an opportunity to get out.”

Still, as tensions escalated in the Middle East and threats of a “significant” attack from Iran against Israeli and American forces loomed, the senator’s support of President Joe Biden didn’t stop him from maintaining his position against capitulating to Hamas sympathizers.

As the White House incumbent added pressure on Israel to temper their counteroffensive after the Oct. 7 terror attack, Fetterman held fast to his convictions and posted to X, “In this war against Hamas–no conditions for Israel.”

“It’s reasonable if you want to criticize,” he told the Post, “but to call for effectively like a regime change, I disagree. I didn’t agree because Israel is a democracy, it is our key special ally. And our nation wouldn’t appreciate any kind of foreign input. So why should we do that for Israel?”

As Fetterman made clear he planned to support Biden’s re-election campaign in Pennsylvania, social media users couldn’t help but take notice that the road to recovery for the congressman appeared to steer him closer to conservatism.

Kevin Haggerty


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