Alvin Bragg files to hold Trump in contempt over Truth Social posts as Trump blasts out another

Trouble with jury selection and a motion for contempt further stoked concerns that the former president was getting railroaded.

“Stalin’s Russia is here.”

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Even before the first-ever criminal trial of an American president had begun on Monday, many had concluded that former President Donald Trump was being politically persecuted. Credence to that claim appeared self-evident Tuesday when the George Soros-backed district attorney, who brought the allegations of falsifying business records regarding a supposed hush money payment, filed a motion to hold the GOP leader in contempt.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s (D) office filed that Trump’s recent social media activity had violated Judge Juan Merchan’s gag order prohibiting him from commenting on court employees, the prosecution, jurors, witnesses or family members of those aforementioned. Merchan and Bragg were exempt from the order.

“It is absolutely critical that defendant immediately halt any conduct that would violate the April 1 order’s narrow restrictions to protect the integrity of the ongoing trial. A finding of criminal contempt, imposition of sanctions, and stark warning from this Court are the minimum remedies necessary to achieve this indispensable objective,” the DA’s motion read as it raised concern for three different instances that would amount to a total in $3,000 worth of fines.

In addition to mentioning of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, the motion noted a Truth Social post from the president where he had shared a 2018 written statement from Stormy Daniels, the adult film star allegedly paid off to remain silent about a supposed extramarital affair, that she herself had later claimed she had been coerced into writing,

Under the caption, “LOOK WHAT WAS JUST FOUND! WILL THE FAKE NEWS REPORT IT?” Daniel’s statement read in part, “The fact of the matter is that each party to this alleged affair denied its existence in 2006, [2011], 2016, 2017 and now again in 2018. I am not denying this affair because I was paid ‘hush money’ as has been reported in overseas owned tabloids. I am denying this affair because it never happened.”

Meanwhile, Trump took to his social media platform Tuesday morning as jury selection continued and lamented how the gag order was perpetuating a bias across corporate media news outlets. “This conflicted, Trump Hating Judge won’t let me respond to people that are on TV lying and spewing hate all day long. He is running rough shod over my lawyers and legal team. The New York System of ‘Justice’ is being decimated by critics from all over the World. I want to speak, or at least be able to respond. Election Interference! RIGGED, UNCONSTITUTIONAL TRIAL! Take off the Gag Order!!!”

That notion was shared on X as one user contended, “Alving Bragg wants CNN and MSNbC to taint the jury pool all day everyday with their 24/7 coverage of the trial and then to hold Trump in contempt on an unconstitutional gag order so he can’t even defend himself. Stalin’s Russia is here.”

As it happened, the New York Post maintained ongoing coverage of the jury selection where Monday “at least 50” of the prospective candidates “were dismissed after saying they could not be fair or impartial. No jurors were selected from the dozens screened.”

Throughout the proceeding, Merchan made references to keeping the schedule, a point of contention for the president over the possibility of missing his son’s high school graduation, as potential jurors told the court how they used outlets like the New York Times, MSNBC alongside Google and Facebook for getting news.

All bias didn’t run against the president though as at one point, the Post reported, “Donald Trump broke his stoned face Tuesday morning when a prospective juror told the court that he’s read the former president’s books, including ‘The Art of the Deal.’ Trump’s ears perked up when the man, who works in sales revenue for a software company, said he had read a handful of the former president’s books. ‘I read ‘The Art of the Deal.’ I want to say ‘How to be Rich,’ ‘Think Like a Champion,” the juror said when responding to the questionnaire.”

One juror had voiced uncertainty about their ability to be fair because, “Growing up with a bunch of family and friends who are Republican, it’s going to be tough for me to be impartial.”

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