Alyssa Milano hopeful ‘progressive’ revival of ‘Who’s the Boss’ will make series sequel a success

Former Tesla car-owner Alyssa Milano has announced on Entertainment Tonight that a revival of the hit ABC sitcom “Who’s the Boss?” is in the works, and the script for the pilot is supposedly “really funny,” a claim that doesn’t bode well if it has to be articulated ahead of time.

In remarks posted to the ET website that were not aired in the brief TV interview, moreover, Milano — who has become more of a left-wing activist than an actress — expressed hope that the content will be progressive.

Milano admitted to ET correspondent Rachel Smith, in the clip embedded above during what was deemed an exclusive, that she was “very skeptical” about the reboot. But after speaking with TV dad Tony Danza, 71, she “got kind of excited” about going back into the studio.

The aforementioned script has been submitted to the Freevee streaming network, and the production is waiting to hear back as to whether the show will receive a green light.

The premise is that Danza’s character, ex-MLB player turned housekeeper Tony Micelli in the original show that ran on ABC from 1984 to 1992, is “coming to take care of my children,” Milano (a.k.a. Samantha Micelli) explained.

The ET clip also highlighted Milano’s longtime work as an ambassador for UNICEF, an organization, parenthetically, with scandals in its past.

Milano, 49, further explained, according to the ET posting, that in thinking it over, “I was like, ‘If we could put this together in a way that really stays true to that whole progressive thing that we had in the ’80s’.”

“Angela (played by Judith Light) was a single mom raising her kids, owned her own business, divorced, had a promiscuous cougar mother that lived in the backyard talking about hickeys, and then she hires a dude to come clean her house. I mean, in the ’80s that was huge. If we can figure out how to tap into that with today’s issues and make it…as progressive….I read the script…and I gotta tell you, it’s really funny. It’s really funny.”

Further outlining the basic plot, Milano said her character in the potential series sequel is also a single mom residing in the same family home as in the original “Who’s the Boss?”


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“It would be Tony coming to take care of my children because I get a job that makes me travel a lot, so it’s that whole dynamic. But also, the generational difference between raising a child now versus then, which is always the conflict that I have with my parents in real life about gentle parenting. So I’m really looking forward to that aspect of it,” the actress summarized.

Although the liberal and extremely politicized entertainment industry is very stubborn about its agenda-pushing, history has shown that movies or TV shows that get reimagined through a woke lens, if that’s what “Who’s the Boss?” 2.0 also turns out to be, have a lackluster track record in terms of quality and audience acceptance.

So Milano is probably not the only person who is skeptical, but obviously for different reasons.

“Hollywood doesn’t fully grasp the ‘go woke, go broke’ mantra, but some executives are getting the message. We’ve seen woke regrets at Netflix and Warner Bros…Disney may soon realize that woke isn’t a money-making position,” film critic Christian Toto told Fox News.

Amazon Prime may have also found that out with its “Lord of the Rings” sendup called “The Rings of Power,” which came with a production price tag of about $500 million.

Milano is also one of many in the virtue-signaling blue-check brigade lamenting Musk’s purchase of Twitter, which he did in the name of free speech.



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