The View’s Ana Navarro takes petty shot at Marjorie Taylor Greene’s appearance and Twitter has thoughts

Obsessive Never Trumper Ana Navarro seems to be trying to hair-shame U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.), and it’s not going well for her on Twitter.

Reacting to a video of outspoken and sometimes controversial MAGA/America First stalwart MTG marching in a a local parade, Navarro somehow concluded that it was clever, rather than catty, to write the following to her nearly two million followers on the platform:

“Does nobody tell her she needs to trim her split-ends? Really.”

No stranger to pettiness, it perhaps comes as no surprise that “The View” Mean Girl co-host, who does double-duty on fake news CNN spewing Republican-bashing talking points, is taking cheap shots at MTG.

Twitter has decided, however, that she is hardly the type of person who is qualified to question someone else’s countenance.

And by the way, isn’t lookism or body shaming forbidden by liberals?

With political science and law degrees, moreover, it’s unclear if Navarro has received training or obtained credentials as a hair stylist or beautician.

Parenthetically, assuming we want to go there (and many on social media are), mom-of-three MTG, 48, like her or not, is one of the most physically fit members of Congress.

In contrast, Navarro, 50, has admitted on national TV that “I’ve been fat my entire life.”

As part of her analytical track record, Navarro is the same so-called strategist who recently lamented the issues-oriented GOP trend in the Hispanic community and, while sounding like an election denier, bemoaned Fla. Gov Ron DeSantis easily winning a second term.

Navarro has a sad tendency to politicize just about everything.

U.S. Rep. Greene was overwhelmingly reelected to her northwest Georgia House seat on November 8 with nearly 66 percent of the vote.

As alluded to above, many Twitter users, including those on the left, are implying that Ana Navarro has metaphorically wigged out.

Here is just a sample:


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