Randi Weingarten ‘tridemic’ warning fails to impress: ‘Scandemic II, The Empire Strikes Back’

Lockdown-loving liberal Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, continues to fail Social Media 101. The influential union official who, because of COVID alarmism […]

Biden White House dragged over ‘pathetic’ statement in response to lockdown protests in China

Perhaps reflecting the mindset of lockdown-loving, mandate-making Democrats generally, the Biden administration is receiving heavy criticism for its feeble support of the protests in China. The usually […]

‘Piece off sh*t!’ Owner of iconic home in ‘A Christmas Story’ orders actor to ‘get the f–k out of here’

Holiday good cheer may have been lacking when the man who owns the iconic Cleveland house used in the filming of “A Christmas Story” confronted one of […]

Twisted teen arrested after turning to Instagram for help disposing of girl, 13, he allegedly just KILLED

Authorities have charged a Philaphia-area teenager with homicide after he allegedly implicated himself on social media in a murder. The 16-year-old suspect is currently detained at a […]

Toy Story 3 scene goes viral after some audiences hear F-bomb

Did a voice actor drop an F-bomb in one of Disney’s most popular animated films? The scene in question is from “Toy Story 3” which was a […]

ABC’s Martha Raddatz frets ‘people aren’t listening’ to renewed White House Covid-19 boosters blitz

Sounding perhaps like a sales rep for Big Pharma or a publicist for Dr. Anthony Fauci rather than a journalist, ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz lamented […]

Terminally ill patriarch sues travel website VRBO after his daughters die at $8,000-a-week ‘firetrap’

The patriarch of a close-knit Maryland family who is battling a terminal disease is taking to court those who he alleges are responsible for the tragic death […]

Turley calls out bailing advertisers who were fine with Twitter blocking Hunter Biden laptop story

Influential legal scholar Jonathan Turley is appropriately bringing attention to the hypocrisy of corporate America for pulling its advertising from . The George Washington University law professor […]

China sees widespread civil unrest over ‘devastating’ Covid lockdowns, police clash with fed-up protestors

The Chinese people are understandably fed-up with the CCP-controlled government’s so-called zero-COVID policy. Protests against the authoritarian regime by the typically compliant citizenry have erupted in financial […]

Dem smear tactics can’t spin this: Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act set to reduce Medicare benefits

Smearing Republicans as a party hell-bent on cutting Medicare (or Social Security) benefits is a traditional election-year gambit by Democrats. According to two esteemed University of Chicago […]

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