‘Amazing!’ ONE library agrees to host Christian book story hour, Kirk Cameron beams with what happens next

**Update: The Indianapolis Public Library disputed the attendance estimate of 2,500 after reports about the event with Cameron.

“We are being inaccurately portrayed in news/social after a room rental yesterday,” the library tweeted.

Actor, filmmaker and Christian children’s book author Kirk Cameron has heard “no” a lot lately, but one “yes” turned a simple book reading into a massive event.

In an attempt to combat the current cultural climate in which drag queens host book readings at libraries across America, Cameron requested time to read his religion-themed children’s book at the same locations. The feedback was largely negative with many people decrying the obvious double standard at play.

But the Indianapolis Public Library took Cameron up on his offer and the result made history.

“This is a message to every library in the United States: In 137 years of the Indianapolis Public Library’s history, NEVER ONCE have they had over 2,500 people show up to a single event. UNTIL TODAY,” tweeted BRAVE Books.

“After being refused or ignored by over 50 libraries to read the new children’s book “As You Grow”, Indianapolis Library allowed us to come host a story hour. Needless to say, we showed up with a few friends! No longer will Christians be silent. No longer will we be shut away,” they triumphantly continued. “We will be here, we will stand strong & we will show the world how many of us there really are! Thank you to everyone who gave up their morning to join us! This movement is beginning! Host your own Brave Books Story Hour Today!”

And while there were naturally a few leftists in the comments looking to rain on Cameron’s parade, there were also people overwhelmed with gratitude:

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