Analyst with PhD discovers conservative podcasters are out there, just saying whatever they please!

A Brookings Institution data analyst who boasts her “PhD” in her Twitter profile, has discovered that the podcast world is brimming with pesky conservatives who view the world differently than her. Oh, the horror!

In a Twitter thread posted Thursday, Valerie Wirtschafter bemoaned how in this world, “you can say whatever you want,” even if it belies the orthodoxy of the establishment left.

What exactly is her problem? She alleges it’s that these conservative podcasts are sharing “unsubstantiated or false claims,” but she doesn’t specify the claims.

This is extremely relevant because America’s top institutions seem to have a sordid history of labeling the truth “false” and lies the “truth.”

As an example, recall how during the height of the COVID pandemic, the “experts” declared that the COVID vaccine completely stops the transmission of the coronavirus and that anyone saying otherwise was making a “false claim.”

Yet that “false claim” turned out to be 100 percent accurate.

Continuing her thread, Wirtschafter alleges that “nearly all [the podcasts] that shared unsubstantiated or false claims more than five times were ideologically conservative.”

But again she refuses to specify the alleged “false claims,” raising the serious possibility that the claims aren’t actually false and that they simply belie liberal orthodoxy.

Wirtschafter then alleges that “false claims” exploded after the 2020 presidential election due to podcasts talking about “election-fraud related topics.”

But election fraud is a legitimate topic, despite assertions to the contrary by the left. Though to be clear, acceptance of the indisputable fact that election fraud does occur doesn’t prove that the 2020 presidential election was somehow illegitimate.

Wirtschafter predictably also complains about the “false claims” that appeared during the COVID pandemic, while ignoring that most of the actual false claims came from the very institutions that she works for and evidently believes are infallible.

She concludes the thread by revealing that it took her two years of ostensible research to reach these conclusions — conclusions that, for the record, appear extremely suspect.

Her thread has attracted massive backlash, with critics rushing to point out the flawed assumptions undergirding her so-called “research.”


Critics have also bashed her for being one of those elitist liberals who wave around their credentials like they mean something.

And they have torn into her for complaining about people being allowed to “say whatever [they] want.”

Vivek Saxena


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