‘And Satan smiled’: Episcopal cathedral in NYC lights up in rainbow-colored display to celebrate Pride

A New York cathedral’s overt display “celebrating LGBTQ+ people everywhere” wasn’t the only “Pride”-ful pandering prompting ridicule.

“Just like the Bible says…oh wait…”

Living under a self-styled Catholic president who has remained unapologetically for unborn baby murder and whose administration has sought to advance access to genital mutilation, it’s fair to say that the RINO acronym could be reapplied to mean “religious in name only.”

Individual failings have only been exacerbated by pervasive leftism that has sought to supplant the Christian faith with the new rainbow-colored state religion, more so in some denominations than others.

At the heart of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, the Cathedral of St. John the Devine, residing in the Morningside Heights neighborhood of the Big Apple, captured the “Queer Eye” of Kansas City, Missouri-based activist Justice Horn who shared an image of the interior illumination for June and wrote, “The beautiful Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City! … The arches and columns are lit in all the colors of the rainbow–celebrating LGBTQ+ people everywhere.”

Aims at “inclusivity” have seen many organizations, be they churches, the military, the Boy Scouts of America, or their Girl Scouts counterparts suffer membership losses over a mission creep that strayed far off the trail toward a wholly unrelated objective.

Of course, lofty illumination of the standard that ultimately stood antithetical to Christianity wasn’t all the cathedral named for John the Apostle was offering for “Pride.”

Their calendar listed an event on Monday, hosting Chloe Davis for an “All-Ages Author Talk & Sunset Silent Disco” to mark the release of the book “The Queens’ English, The Young Readers’ LGBTQIA+ Dictionary of Lingo and Colloquial Phrases.”

Pitched as a book for 10-year-olds and up, the book’s description states, “This playful, richly illustrated visual dictionary is the perfect book for anyone who has ever wondered about the origin of phrases like ‘boi,’ ‘drag,’ or ‘demisexual,’ the history of the word ‘queer,’ and the wonderfully diverse, wide-ranging histories that have contributed to LGBTQIA+ culture and vocabulary.”

Thursday, the cathedral held a book launch for Rev. Dr. Charlie Bell’s “Queer Redemption: How Queerness Changes Everything We Thought We Knew About Christianity.”

Even before June, they had opened their doors to those who flaunted disgust for Judeo-Christian beliefs as they held a graduation ceremony for keffiyeh-clad Columbia University students after their terrorist sympathizing demands had led the school to cancel the main commencement.

The church also unveiled a new “Pride shield” last month “in celebration of LGBTQ+ inclusion.”

Slams against the cathedral, the denomination it represented, and sects that were steering their parishioners away from the straight and narrow were many, including from the smasher of Iowa idols and former congressional candidate Michael Cassidy who reacted to Horn’s post on X, “Progressivism will hollow out your religion and wear it as a skinsuit, example 23414286.”

Kevin Haggerty


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