AOC inserts herself into GOP speakership drama, floats ‘coalition government’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has inserted herself into the center of the Republicans’ drama in the House as Leader Kevin McCarthy failed to get elected as speaker three separate times on Tuesday and she floated a possible “coalition government” to catastrophically fill the void.

Adding to the unrealness of the whole ordeal, she was seen animatedly chatting with Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) in the shadow of him previously tweeting an animated spoof video purportedly depicting violence against her and President Biden.

Ocasio-Cortez is putting forth that McCarthy may have to negotiate with Democrats if he fails to become Speaker of the House.

I do not believe that Kevin McCarthy has the votes. I believe that a lot of the opposition to him is very personal. I believe his leadership style is incompatible with a lot of Republican members and certainly the Democratic Caucus,” Ocasio-Cortez commented on MSNBC Tuesday night.

(Video Credit: MSNBC)

“So the question is, is there anyone in their caucus that can build that consensus? If there isn’t, McCarthy’s team may have to come to the Democratic Party. And, if that’s the case, then what would that even look like? It’s rather unprecedented. Could it result in a potential coalition government?” Ocasio-Cortez asked during the interview.

“Could we get Democratic chairs of committees as a result?” she delusionally wondered.

Her ridiculous premise is that McCarthy might have to crawl to the Democrats to gain the 20 or so votes he needs to become the speaker. In a quid pro quo, he would in turn give major concessions to the Democrats, ensuring that their members remain in charge of powerful and influential House committees. She admitted that was unlikely to happen.

“I’m not saying necessarily that our party is signaling an openness just yet,” she went on to tell MSNBC host Alex Wagner. “But, really, it’s about the cards that are in McCarthy’s hands. And if he chooses to approach the Democratic Caucus, then that would be a negotiation, in and of itself, for a potential coalition government. But, again, this is very much an unprecedented time.”

There is now a group of 20 GOP hardliners standing against McCarthy that caused him to fail to clinch the seat on three ballots Tuesday, according to Fox News. At that point, the House adjourned. Those Republicans opposing McCarthy claim that he has refused to make guarantees that he would change House rules to disempower the speaker’s office and open legislation to amendments from rank-and-file members on the House floor. McCarthy’s allies are hitting back, accusing their colleagues of embarrassing the GOP on issues that aren’t realistic at this point, and of shifting the goalposts.

The House reconvenes on Wednesday for more drama over the speakership election. McCarthy has to flip 15 of the 20 who oppose him to become speaker, make a deal with the devil in the form of Democrats, or another speaker contender will need to come forward.

“There is a very interesting quandary that Kevin McCarthy is in. He needs to get these votes somewhere if he wants to be speaker, and if he can’t get those votes from the House Freedom Caucus, he’s not going to become speaker. Unless, he approaches the Democratic Party in order to enter into some negotiation,” Ocasio-Cortez told her Instagram followers on Tuesday. “If this goes on, and on, and on, and the Republican Party has no speaker nominee, something has got to give.”

And then there is Ocasio-Cortez’s confab with Gosar that set Twitter on fire.

“In a clip captured by C-SPAN and widely shared online, Gosar and Ocasio-Cortez, seated alongside each other, are engaged in what appears to be a friendly conversation during a break after House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy’s speakership bid fell short of the required 218 votes, prompting another round of voting,” according to Fox News.

ABC News congressional reporter Gabe Ferris revealed what they were discussing, “On her floor convo with Rep. Gosar earlier, AOC tells me that McCarthy made claims within the GOP conf. that some Ds would walk away to lower the threshold. Gosar was asking AOC for clarification — would she walk away? ‘We would never do that,’ AOC told me. Jeffries all the way.”

The Intercept’s Eric Michael Garcia reported that Ocasio-Cortez and Gosar are united in opposing McCarthy’s House speakership, “I caught up with @AOC about why she spoke with Paul Gosar. She said he never apologized for the cartoon showing him killing her. She added that ‘I think that the common thread here is that neither of us wants to see Kevin McCarthy be Speaker of the House.'”

Others noted that Ocasio-Cortez was also seen speaking with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) earlier in the day.

“What was up with Gosar and Gaetz talking to AOC? They wanted to know if D’s might skip a vote to give McCarthy a path to victory. She said no. Also: Gosar did not apologize during their exchange for posting a video of himself murdering her,” Semafor’s Benjy Sarlin stated.

“Hard to guess why AOC is caucusing with Gaetz and Gosar so much, but it’s not a great sign. Under normal circumstances, there would be no reason for them to be communicating at all,” investigative journalist Dave Troy commented.

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