Asian ACLU employee complains of abusive environment, Black bosses claim that’s racist. It gets worse.

An Asian woman was reportedly fired by the leftist American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for complaining about the abusive behavior of her black bosses.

That woman, Kate Oh, is now fighting back through the National Labor Relations Board, which has accused the ACLU of retaliating against her.

“A trial in the case wrapped up [last month] in Washington, and a judge is expected to decide in the next few months whether the A.C.L.U. was justified in terminating her,” according to The New York Times. “If the A.C.L.U. loses, it could be ordered to reinstate her or pay restitution.”

At issue is whether Oh’s complaints to her black bosses were racist or not. The ACLU has for its part admitted that Oh, an outspoken Korean woman, never used a racial slur of any type. Yet the ACLU nevertheless maintains that Oh perpetuated “anti-black animus.”

“In one instance, according to court documents, she told a black superior that she was ‘afraid’ to talk with him,” according to the Times. “In another, she told a manager that their conversation was ‘chastising.’ And in a meeting, she repeated a satirical phrase likening her bosses’ behavior to suffering ‘beatings.'”

How any of this is racist is beyond comprehension …

But it gets worse.

Ken Margolis, a lawyer representing the ACLU, reportedly said during proceedings last year that whether or not Oh bore any racist ill will with her remarks was irrelevant, and all that mattered was that her delicate black bosses were offended.

“We’re not here to prove anything other than the impact of her actions was very real — that she caused harm,” he said. “She caused serious harm to black members of the ACLU community.”

What about the harm they caused her?

Speaking with the Times, Oh’s attorney, Rick Bialczak, responded to Margolis’ words by wondering aloud who the heck Oh was supposed to complain too then if all her bosses were black.

“Those were her supervisors,” he said. “If she has complaints about her supervision, who is she supposed to complain about?”

If they’re black, then the answer evidently is nobody?

Critics say the ACLU’s decision to fire Oh over something so ridiculous is a sign of how far left it has veered in recent years and decades.

“They radically expanded and raised so much more money — hundreds of millions of dollars — from leftist donors who were desperate to push back on the scary excesses of the Trump administration,” Lara Bazelon, a law professor at the University of San Francisco, said to the Times.

“And they hired people with a lot of extremely strong views about race and workplace rules. And in the process, they themselves veered into a place of excess. I scour the record for any evidence that this Asian woman is a racist, and I don’t find any,” she added.


Take what happened in February of 2022, when, after the ouster of the ACLU’s national political director, Oh worried that things wouldn’t improve.

“Why shouldn’t we simply expect that the beatings will continue until morale improves,” she said in an online chat at the time.

That was deemed racist.

A month later, Oh told newly installed national political director Ben Needham that she was “afraid” to talk to him/complain to him.

That too was deemed racist.

“As a black male, language like ‘afraid’ generally is code word for me,” Needham reportedly said. “It is triggering for me.”

Two can play that game. Speaking with the Times, Oh and her lawyers cited her own past history as a victim of domestic abuse as a reason why she’s nervous speaking with male colleagues/bosses.

Lastly, Oh complained to the ACLU’s equity and inclusion chief Amber Hikes that her check-ins were “chastising” and “reprimanding.” Hikes, another delicate individual, was also triggered.

“Calling my check-in ‘chastising’ or ‘reprimanding’ feels like a willful mischaracterization in order to continue the stream of anti-black rhetoric you’ve been using throughout the organization,” she reportedly wrote in an email.

Three strikes and Oh was out …

Vivek Saxena


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