The term ‘cultural Marxism’ is now an ‘antisemitic conspiracy theory’

Wikipedia reportedly scrapped its page on “cultural Marxism” after recent NPR hire Katherine Maher took over as CEO in 2016.

After Maher, who’s recently been outed as a leftist zealot, was hired as CEO of Wikipedia, the cyber encyclopedia deleted its comprehensive page on “cultural Marxism” and replaced it with one about the so-called “cultural Marxism conspiracy theory.”


The new page falsely labels cultural Marxism an antisemitic conspiracy theory, though it does at least get the core definition correct.

“The term ‘Cultural Marxism’ refers to a far-right antisemitic conspiracy theory that misrepresents the Frankfurt School as being responsible for modern progressive movements, identity politics, and political correctness,” the definition reads.

“The conspiracy theory posits that there is an ongoing and intentional academic and intellectual effort to subvert Western society via a planned culture war that undermines the supposed ‘Christian values’ of traditionalist conservatism and seeks to replace them with culturally liberal values,” the definition continues.

That’s mostly correct, save for the lie about it being an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

That Wikipedia changed the page after Maher took over comes as no surprise given her extreme left-wing bias and zealotry.

As previously documented, she herself is pretty much a “woke” cultural Marxist who seems to think that looting is OK, that all white people are guilty of the original sin of racism, that the terms “boy and girl” are illegitimate, and that President Joe Biden is a good president.

Maher has also referred to the First Amendment as a “challenge” and America’s “reverence for the truth” as a distraction.

Observe some of this below:

Maher’s decision to scrap the page on cultural Marxism is nevertheless concerning because of the dangers cultural Marxism poses to America.

Critics say the rise in cultural Marxism is directly responsible for the rise of the transgender “rights” movement, for the decline in the nuclear family, for growing anti-police animus, and for the endless assault of political correctness, “wokeness,” and other insanity.

“What is happening today … is nothing more than this age’s identity category version of Marx’s 19th-century claim that, because individuals have different abilities, and because they belong to different classes, their rights must differ,” The Heritage Foundation notes.

“Fast forward to today, and famed ‘anti-racist’ Ibram X. Kendi declares that ‘[t]he only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.’ The government, Kendi—a retail promoter of CRT—is saying, must discriminate in favor of the members of the categories deemed oppressed,” the foundation continues.

This is the fundamental thesis of modern cultural Marxism, and sadly, it’s observable even in government, with the Biden administration in particular being infamous for promoting it.

Recall that the Biden administration has tried to force social media companies to silence dissenting speech. The administration has also sought to revive racial discrimination and segregation.

None of this is normal unless, of course, you believe in cultural Marxism like Maher, President Joe Biden, and other leftists no doubt do.

Vivek Saxena


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