‘Astonishing arrogance’: STILL counting, Maricopa County has time to clap back at critics on Twitter

Maricopa County officials are facing heavy social media backlash for posting trash-talking tweets mocking the concerned citizens who’ve voiced questions about how long it’s taking them to count ballots from last week’s midterm elections.

In tweets posted Saturday afternoon via the city’s official Twitter account, officials first sought to tamp down concerns by pledging that “all legal votes will be counted.”

However, the tweets quickly turned nasty, with officials demanding that so-called “disinformation super spreaders” read the state’s election law manuals instead of “asking leading questions about how something seems suspicious.”

As a final slap in the face, city officials then blatantly mocked their critics by suggesting they’re nothing but mindless “social media bots.”

“Your disapproval is duly noted but your upvotes and retweets will not be part of this year’s totals. This is not meant as an affront to your robot overlords, it’s just not allowed for in Arizona law,” they wrote.

View the whole thread below:

The tone of the tweets provoked massive backlash from a variety of critics.

One set of critics zeroed in on the “arrogance” and “unprofessional,” “elitist,” and “snobbish” nature of the tweets.


Another set of critics were quick to bash Maricopa County for taking so stunningly long to count ballots, particularly in comparison to other communities. In Florida, for example, all the elections were called on day one.

With this in mind, critics suggested that perhaps county officials should “be focusing on apologizing” for their incompetence instead of “talking smack.”


The last set of critics bluntly told Maricopa County officials to stop talking mindless trash on Twitter and finish counting votes already.

Look (*Language warning):

All this comes a day after the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Arizona tweeted a statement Friday evening demanding the county require “around-the-clock shifts of ballot processing” until the counting of votes is completed.

“This election has exposed deep flaws in Maricopa County’s election administration. Arizona deserves better — transparency, certainty, efficiency — and most importantly, an accurate and prompt announcement of election results that can be accepted by all voters,” they said via their attorney.

“The RNC and the Republican Party of Arizona demand that around-the-clock shifts of ballot processing be pressed into service until all votes have been counted, accompanied by complete transparency and regular, accurate public updates. We will not hesitate to take legal action if necessary to protect Arizona voters’ right to have their ballots counted,” they added.

Vivek Saxena


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