Watch: Two planes collide midair during Dallas WWII air show – 6 fatalities

Six people were killed after two historic military planes collided in midair during an airshow in Dallas, Texas. “According to our Dallas County Medical Examiner, there are […]

Nancy Pelosi refuses to talk run for leadership until House majority decided, but opines on Trump run

Current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has refused to reveal whether or not she’ll run for a House leadership position until the ongoing midterm elections are officially over, […]

Go woke, go broke: Disney announces layoffs, hiring freeze because it’s ‘just what leadership requires’

As Elon Musk fights off critics and lawsuits amid massive workforce cuts, Disney has announced it, too, will be laying off employees, implementing a targeted hiring freeze, […]

‘Can’t miss!’ The Hill runs sleazy plan to circumvent voters and instill Gavin Newsom as president

The Hill is out with a column from an apparent left-winger who’s proposed that President Joe Biden make California Gov. Gavin Newsom the president. According to Douglas […]

‘Democrats don’t got nobody’: Charlamagne insists Dems have no one to challenge Trump or DeSantis

While Democrats may be celebrating the less-than-stellar Republican wins in the midterm elections, according to Charlamagne Tha God, there is no one in the party that can […]

Sharpton, MSNBC eager to close door on Trump; use same script to spew their venom at DeSantis

Hopeful that the disastrous midterm elections have done what Robert Mueller and the J6 committee failed to do, some Democrats are already moving past former President Donald […]

Dave Chappelle shares on SNL why Donald Trump is ‘so loved,’ reveals exact moment ‘a star was born’

Comedian Dave Chappelle wound up the Saturday Night Live crowd this week as he explained former President Donald Trump’s stardom being birthed out of his ability to […]

Bill Maher explains why ‘normal’ Ron DeSantis is so ‘strong’ against Biden, Trump

Comedian and political commentator Bill Maher suggested that Ron DeSantis could rise above the fray of Donald Trump and Joe Biden because he’s simply being a ‘normal […]

Maricopa sheriff gives TP-USA’s Charlie Kirk ‘odd’ shout out for urging protestors to be ‘law-abiding’

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk just received some extremely unexpected praise from the most unlikely of sources, Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone, a Democrat. Speaking to […]

Obama, Bush to hold conferences on authoritarian threats, disinfo. after expected Trump announcement

With the ruling D.C. establishment having successfully beaten back the midterm election challenges to their unchecked power by congressional candidates who were supported by former President Donald […]

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