‘Insane’: IRS admits more than $1B in COVID stimulus went to inmates across America

More than 1.1 million prisoners across America — 163,000 of whom are serving life sentences — were treated to upwards of $1.3 billion in taxpayer-funded COVID-19 stimulus […]

In the nick of time: Serial groper arrested before he could assault a fifth victim

It to awhile, but they finally got him. On Saturday, New York City authorities finally tracked down and arrested 20-year-old deviant Damian Baeza Rendon — and just […]

Americans debate whether going back to the moon is worth $93B as Artemis launch scrubbed again

As Americans continue to struggle under the weight of soaring inflation and rising costs, as the Biden administration continues to pass trillion-dollar packages and sends billions to […]

GOP Queens councilwoman rejects city plan to use local hotels to house illegals

A Republican New York City councilwoman is taking credit for the city’s decision to nix one of several plans to house illegal aliens in local hotels. The […]

Here are the major networks that refused to air Biden’s ‘political’ prime-time speech

Corporate media distanced themselves from President Joe Biden on Thursday night with multiple networks refusing to air his prime-time speech where he tore into “MAGA Republicans” surrounded […]

Story of black town manager being fired after police force walks out gets more complicated

An entire North Carolina police force quit after a black woman to over as town manager not because the woman was black, but because she’d allegedly behaved […]

New York’s bail reform law is so messy that judges are getting in-depth training and a cheat sheet

New York’s bail reform law is so needlessly complicated that judges are having to receive in-depth training and a cheat sheet to apply it correctly. Indeed, according […]

CNN questions ‘coincidence’ of Mark Meadows’ new texts, emails to National Archives within a week of FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has provided the National Archives with texts and es that had not been previously submitted, and even though their […]

Melania Trump reportedly so grossed out by FBI agents violating her bedroom, she tossed undies, lingerie

Former first lady Melania Trump felt so grossed out and violated over FBI agents rummaging through her wardrobe during their raid last month of Mar-a-Lago that she […]

Dem operative that Biden appointed to hand out $370 billion in new climate funds is troublesome

Trevor Schakohl, DCNF President Joe Biden has appointed former Clinton advisor and Democratic operative John Podesta to manage nearly $370 billion in green energy funding authorized by […]

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