Spooked Target reportedly removes some ‘Pride’ gear after customers raise Hell

Some Target locations are reportedly removing or relocating rainbow-festooned LGBTQ+ merchandise that the “we” retail giant is selling in recognition of Pride Month, a 30-day national orgy […]

Mark Levin savaged by Trump supporters for posting link to DeSantis donations page

Fox News host Mark Levin was pummeled by supporters of former President Donald J. Trump after he posted a link to a fundraising page for Ron DeSantis […]

Newsom pressured to tap black woman to replace deteriorating Feinstein; Oprah reportedly on short list

California Governor Gavin Newsom may have boxed himself in if ailing Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein retires after he vowed to appoint a woman of color if the […]

FBI’s Chris Wray faces official GOP contempt threat over defying subpoena for Biden ‘bribery’ doc

The top House Oversight Committee Republican is losing patience with FBI Director Christopher Wray’s refusal to comply with a subpoena for a document that allegedly shows details […]

Hillary Clinton claims Florida is unsafe for ‘multi-billion-dollar corporations’ – and oh, the mockery!

Twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is once again stirring the pot by promoting the ridiculous narrative that Governor Ron DeSantis has made Florida into an unsafe […]

Trump lawyers request meeting with AG Merrick Garland over unfair treatment in frank letter

Attorneys for former President Donald J. Trump have reacted to the possibility that the special counsel investigating him will soon bring charges against the 2024 GOP frontrunner […]

Joy Behar ROASTED for asinine take that Tim Scott and Clarence Thomas don’t know what it’s like to be black in America

The entry of Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) into the Republican presidential field has really ruffled the feathers of left-wingers, especially on “The View” where the co-hosts have […]

Reaction to LA Dodgers spitting on Catholic faith: Imagine ‘a group of straight people who made their life’s purpose mocking LGBTQ people’

The Los Angeles Dodgers made a statement that the storied franchise, once a pioneer for the racial integration of pro baseball, is completely down with hate and […]

Biden regime reverses course on $200 million grant to EV battery company with ties to China

The Biden regime has unexpectedly reversed course and will no longer award a $200 million grant to a technology firm that makes lithium batteries for electric vehicles […]

MSNBC guest says Florida will be a ‘terrorist state’ for blacks and lesbians, just visited for spring break

The ridiculous NAACP travel advisory warning black people to stay away from Florida may be a sad statement on the dec of the once esteemed civil rights […]

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