White House Correspondent’s Association lashes Biden admin for suspending briefings as debt crisis looms

With the clock ticking down toward default, the White House and the nation’s deeply unpopular leader President Joe Biden closed up shop for the long holiday weekend, […]

ESPN host unleashes hateful rant on DeSantis: ‘One of the stupidest people I’ve ever seen’

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is not a fan of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and he unleashed a nasty rant on the Republican presidential candidate that was as […]

LA Dodgers announce ‘Christian Faith and Family Day’ as team takes heavy fire over anti-Catholic trans nuns

The Los Angeles Dodgers are paying the price for spitting on the faith of Catholics by honoring a transgender group that specializes in vile blasphemy saturated with […]

Ted Cruz weighs in on Target boycott, optimistic that a message has been sent to ‘woke’ corporations

The conservative boycott of Target over its pushing of transgender and LGBTQ+ merchandise for Pride month has been a smashing success with the company’s stock value taking […]

Newsmax panel discussion on Trump vs. DeSantis gets heated: ‘You sound like a Democrat!’

The split in the Republican base between supporters of former President Donald J. Trump and others wanting to go with a fresh face without the baggage in […]

Activist tears down, stomps on Target ‘Pride’ sign as boycott costs ‘woke’ retailer billions

Target customers have been speaking with their wallets and bos as a growing boycott of the retail giant over its promotion of transgenderism and marketing of homosexuality […]

DeSantis and Trump trade jabs over COVID: ‘He turned the country over to Fauci’

The two heavyweight contenders for the 2024 Republican nomination to shots at each over COVID on Thursday with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis jabbing former President Donald J. […]

DeSantis hints he could pardon J6 political prisoners AND Trump if he’s elected; Liz Cheney scowls

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that if elected, he could pardon the political prisoners who are locked up in a special Washington, D.C. prison for their role […]

Jake Tapper breaks down new CNN poll that’s ‘horrible’ news for Biden

President Joe Biden is expected to have smooth sailing all the way to the Democratic Party nomination thanks to what many see as a rigged process, but […]

Constitutional scholar and Senate slob Fetterman mocked over clueless tweet on 14th Amendment

Senator John Fetterman (D-Pa.) who has already built a fine reputation for dressing like a complete slob at work seems to be determined to add a complete […]

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