Biden mocked for reading ‘End of Quote’ from teleprompter during live address

Another day, another gaffe in the world of President Joe Biden. The leader of the free world once again sparked social media attention with his remarks Friday. […]

UN deletes article ‘The benefits of world hunger’ from website

A United Nations article lauding the “benefits” of world hunger seems to have been removed this week as it appeared to resurface in screenshots on social media. […]

Two FBI directors fired by Trump face ‘invasive type of random audit’ by IRS

Two former FBI directors fired under the Trump administration both reportedly faced an “invasive type of random audit” by the IRS. A new report by The New […]

New Biden admin official defended, an underage, gay prostitution website raided by the feds

The Biden administration has proven again that it either is really bad at checking the backgrounds of its staffers or that it simply doesn’t care about any […]

ESPN hates America on July 4th: Disgusting feature article written by woke columnist with ugly past

On a day when Americans of every background used to join together to celebrate the nation’s birthday, ESPN decided it was a perfect opportunity to drag America […]

Pima County Dem Party explains why it shared the ‘F**k the 4th’ flyer

Democrats in Arizona claimed they made a “mistake” after tweeting about an event called “F–k the Fourth.” The Pima County Democratic Party stirred up controversy by promoting […]

Kamala Harris corrects her CNN comment that Joe Biden is running for reelection with her in 2024

Vice President Kamala Harris may have spoken too soon, or at least not followed the narrative when she told CNN about President Joe Biden’s plans for 2024. […]

Photo of Liz Cheney’s dramatic hug after J6 hearing sparks more doubt and outrage

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, one of two so-called Republicans on the House’s January 6th Committee, has claimed the investigation is balanced and fair but many of the […]

NYC Mayor Adams says Giuliani could be prosecuted for ‘falsely reporting’ assault

Rudy Giuliani called out New York City Mayor Eric Adams as a “phony” and “idiot” after being accused of using some “creativity” in claiming he was assaulted. […]

ICE director pick ‘prayerfully’ withdraws from consideration, wishes Biden good-luck with ‘paralyzing gridlock’

President Joe Biden’s nominee to be ICE director has taken himself out of the running for the position after his nomination stalled in the U.S. Senate for […]

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