‘Don’t be weak and gay’: Bulletproof vest-wearing GOP candidate’s ad gets trigger-warning

A Missouri GOP candidate’s vest-wearing, Tate-tagging campaign spot set off her latest firestorm with a message on what not to be while jogging through an “LGBTQ neighborhood.” […]

Mayor Brandon promotes ‘Bike to Work Week’ flanked by two hulking suburbans

“Yearly theater” reminiscent of Mayor Pete saw Mayor Brandon called out over his SUV-trailed stunt. “Can we get a Lower Murder Rate Week? Can you even mention […]

NYC live portal to Dublin shut down after woman flashes her ‘homegrown potatoes’

A woman known for licking a toilet seat caused a transatlantic stir when her latest stunt involving “homegrown potatoes” was suspected of shutting down The Portal. “Can […]

Miss Teen USA runner-up turns away crown after victor declined it too

A growing controversy with a prestigious pageant saw a runner-up turn down the crown after two victors already stepped away from their titles. “My integrity and my […]

WaPo calls for people to take cold showers because of climate change

The climate cult’s zeal for third-world excellence had the Washington Post scolding over showers in a never-ending pursuit to see society “live like eighth-century savages.” While President […]

Guy confesses to sexual abuse on a child DURING his job interview to be a Florida cop

A Florida man’s admission landed him a felony conviction as he fessed up to his crime against a nine-year-old girl while applying to be a police officer. […]

‘The frat boys won’: UNC moves DEI resources to campus police after pro-Hamas protests

As DEI dominoes continued to fall, the latest school shifting funds from leftism to law enforcement appeared to show the “frat boys won.” (Video: CBS 17) The […]

KC Chiefs kicker hits Biden, ‘degenerate cultural values’ in faith-fueled commencement address

A faith-fueled commencement address from a three-time Super Bowl champion tore into the self-styled Catholic president’s “usional” support for the “murder of innocent babies.” “This is an […]

VP Harris drops F-bomb in address to young people of color: ‘You need to kick that f*cking door down’

Selective outrage saw nary a pearl clutcher around when the vice president cackled through an address to young minorities with all the hallmarks of supposed calls to […]

Teen armed with rifle tries to enter church where 60 children gather for First Communion

The prompt response from parishioners prevented a near tragedy when an armed teen arrived at a Louisiana church with dozens of children inside. “We’re always in God’s […]