‘My badge of honor’: The rush is on to get blocked by former FBI loverboy Peter Strzok over Durham report

Disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strz was under the impression the final report from Special Counsel John Durham had left him a winner, but his attempt to […]

‘Starts at birth or even before’: Med school professor says gender transition is ‘a normal thing’

Transgenderism’s pervasiveness in the halls of academia and medical institutions was exposed yet again as an activist New York pediatrics professor promoted that transition “starts at birth […]

Hand grenade found in grandpa’s old belongings explodes, killing dad, injuring kids

A man was killed Saturday, and his two children were hospitalized after an explosive discovery was made amongst a relative’s belongings in a gated Indiana community. Officers […]

Comrade Bernie responds to McCarthy blaming him and AOC for breakdown in debt negotiations

With a June 1 dead looming, debt ceiling negotiations have reportedly deteriorated and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) rejected House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Calif.) claim that his […]

Trump says he’s the only one who can prevent WWIII as Biden sends F-16s to Zelenskyy

While President Joe Biden joined world leaders at the G7 summit to reaffirm a seemingly indefinite commitment to Ukraine, former President Donald Trump to stock of the […]

‘Hell of an accounting error!’ Tapper questions NSA Jake Sullivan on Pentagon finding $3B for Ukraine

CNN’s Jake Tapper appeared incredulous Sunday as he peppered National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan over $3 billion in extra aid that could be sent to Ukraine following […]

‘Sorry gang’: Followers fear Ravens super-fan may have killed himself after final online goodbye

A professional football team superfan’s apparent goodbye tweet stirred concerns about his wellbeing and prompted a discussion of suicide prevention as “RIP Chuck” trended on . The […]

Biden takes credit for forming ‘Quad’ alliance, which was re-established in 2017 under President Trump

Not only did President Joe Biden’s latest claim from the G7 Summit in Japan contradict his administration’s previous downplaying of an alliance of nations, it contradicted reality […]

Eric Bolling rocks Vivek Ramaswamy with reality check: ‘I don’t think you’re going to be president’

Newsmax host Eric Bolling offered some tough to businessman Vivek Ramaswamy on his and other GOP candidates’ chances at the White House: “Why do people get […]

‘His death sparked a grift’: Ben Crump fact-checked into oblivion for honoring Michael Brown’s memory

The invincible ignorance of race hustling attorney Benjamin Crump led him to honor one of the saints of the Black Lives Matter movement only to have his […]

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